Standalone Skydrive App

Looks like I stumbled upon this standalone app from Microsoft. Apparently, they were still working on this desktop app of Skydrive during the development of Windows 8 and this kind of picture rumor already happened. Basically, it’s finally behaving like DropBox that it may be an inaccurate extension to Windows 8’s Metro app version of Skydrive. The Metro app version doesn’t even have the ability to automatically synchronize files and to specify on  where do you want your data to be synchronized automatically like DropBox does. This may be a need for tablet devices as the operating system still relies on main storage device. It may be like DropBox but the elements as I already just said should be in the Metro app version as well. With this application, the data upload and download should be as easy as using DropBox. However, you have to bear in mind that this app is in the beta phase and it looks like they should have done this even earlier before Windows 8 was being developed.


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