Damn, another bill, people are kind of sick of it!

Can this one do better? Well, who knows? The serious downside is that it also tackles the pirates and that makes it unacceptable in protecting users from cyber-threats.

What’s better is that it is focused on protecting private networks from hackers and more nebulous threats. The ISPs will eventually monitor us to see if we’re doing something bad on the net or not. It may be a huge amount of time spent on looking for bad cyber guys that are threatening the users and network online.

The worse thing is that the companies like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft etc can intercept your emails and text messages, send copies to one another and modify these communications or prevent them from reaching their destination if it fits into their plan to stop cyber-security threats. If that can block off the spam mails, so be it, provided that you don’t send any stupid rubbishes to your friends through mails.


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