Miku Flick on Iphone (Part Two)

The translation took a month or less to finish and there comes the English version of Miku Flick on the Iphone that was released in April 9th. We had already known the gameplay and the song list as well as the retina graphics that are taken from Project Diva Dreamy Theater series. Unfortunately, the English port is kind of a bit worse as you should stick back to the original Romaji mode which is the default one as in the original version. Your best bet to get around the problem will be to follow the arrows and the marker appearance behavior. Sure, the way the markers appear is like playing Jubeat as I already mentioned but here in the English version, the translated things can be distracting like that as if the translated text during gameplay isn’t large enough. And worse of all for Ipad users, there’s not even the HD version of the game which can be kind of sharper in my opinion. I guess that turning off the Panel Guide is something like Jubeat Stealth Mode but since I don’t have the game, I don’t know what this does when you turn it off.

So the Jubeat-like gameplay isn’t perfect as there are like overlaying markers which can be confusing on which arrows to flick on. The song list is damn short, shorter than Project Mirai itself and there’s a lack of song packs probably and the frames per second are kind of choppy. It may be a great game for the original version but the English version is not as great as the original version in my opinion. To get around the problem, stick back to the original under Keyboard Settings once you have Japanese knowledge.

Try it if you want but Project Diva Arcade has the highest amount of songs and Project Diva Arcade and Dreamy Theater have the better graphical experiences. There are other rhythm games for Iphone that have like hundreds of songs.


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