Can’t sit on the sofa while watching movies with the continued bill

The bill continues to fight piracy in the foolish way but for Netflix, the latest report says that things involving the bill isn’t true. What’s not true is that they were planning to make the new SuperPAC to support the bill as if they were going to betray the shit out of viewers watching movies online. Sure, you should keep on supporting genuine DVDs and Blu-Ray when it comes to watching movies by buying them but uploading movies taken from discs may be a no-no as it may seem to be illegal in the first place that your uploaded videos will be taken down.

Also, there was some warning from the hackers which was half-true targeting Netflix that the company would be compromised for being involved with that dead bill. Sure, the bill was revived in Ireland but the fight over the Internet freedom still continues ever since January this year or perhaps December last year.

On April 5th, there was some kind of offending document which was the generic registration filed on that day. It seemed pretty benign and there was no mention of that bill whatsoever.

Eventually, Netflix has come up with the PACs that have nothing to do with being involved with the bill. Their PAC is a way for their employees to support candidates that understand their business and technology. It was not set up for the purpose of supporting those bills. Instead, Netflix has engaged on the other issues including network neutrality, bandwidth caps, usage based billing and reforming the Video Privacy Protection Act. Privacy huh? It’s not like attending work or school in US where social networking accounts must be surrendered or removed anyway. Maybe it ruined the privacy purpose of Facebook like that. So how the movies you’ve watched can be protected with that VPPA, who knows?


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