Sine Mora Obtained!

Wow, looks like I was able to use the button-mashing method for this game as the firing speed when holding down the fire button is as slow as in Darius series but I don’t know if that surely applies to the entire Darius series. For that game, the firing speed is kind of slow but if you tap the button as fast as you can which makes the firing speed faster, you can tackle the enemies with less difficulty. It may be the same in Sine Mora in which I did the two things in button mashing. One is tapping the button and the other is sliding the button. I may have suggested myself into playing this with the arcade stick and button-mashing on the A button like that where else for Shooting Love 200X’s Shmup Skills Test, I should be using the normal Xbox 360 controller as button-sliding like that with the arcade controller is kind of difficult.

The Story Mode was like I can play well but there are certain obstacles that will instantly destroy you in one hit regardless of time and shield and I was instantly destroyed like that. For example, in Stage 3A, you are supposed to hide in the trash and follow its path without getting out of the trash until you reach the end of the path where the trash is sucked in. If you get out of the trash however, there’s some kind of mine that will explode immediately that will destroy you instantly. For Stage 3B, try not to get crushed or collide with the molten metal. For Stage 6B, the train can instantly knock your plane off if collided. Lastly for Stage 5, the thicker laser beams can burn your plane off if you’re not careful. And those are what you have to be careful for while everything else takes off seconds from collision.

With button-mashing, the enemies can be knocked out quicker than usual, not like those videos of this game on YouTube we have ever seen, that is for Story Mode as I’m still getting my ass kicked in Arcade Mode and I still have to find the solution for that. Even worse is that you’re given three credits for Arcade Mode compared to Story Mode which has more credits to start. Another worse thing is that you will get lesser time compared to Story Mode so getting hit can be worse in Arcade Mode that you will run out of time for sure.



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