More bullshit and nasty bills

Looks like the certain bullshit bills never stop like that in certain countries and the nastiness plans for further bullshit continues ever since December last year. In United States, it seems that certain parts of the freedom are likely to be restricted in the future with those bullshit bills and laws. There was a luck that the internet blackout didn’t happen in March 31st as there was actually no plan for that to happen but then, those famous compromisers have their more works to do.

The first stupid thing is that some companies are asking employees to surrender their social networking passwords if the employees want the job. This is against the privacy system Facebook has already set up and the violation of the social networking policies. If anyone tries to ask you to surrender your social networking credentials including passwords, that means that person is in violation and you may have met a stranger or something. Hopefully, we may get protected from such stupid company methods as if the company can also have its own Facebook page anyway. Sure, there may be employees’ Facebook account pages in addition to the company’s Facebook page and their products’ Facebook pages in which things should stay that way. But what about the other social networking websites, video sharing sites and blogs, huh? Do they expect to ask you to surrender the same things for those sites?

The second stupid thing involves some school that restricts Facebook entirely and students caught with their accounts kept will be expelled. What’s the point of accessing the school’s Facebook pages if you don’t have your account? You expect some nameless commenter to enter some stuff on those pages? The better bet for students is to have their alternate social networking accounts like Google+, Myspace and even the mail services that offer their own social networking as well as Windows Live Messenger service that has its own social networking stuff but who knows if that is considered not because you can post on multiple social networking accounts from there simultaneously using your Hotmail account. Or perhaps the worst thing is that the entire internet will be disabled for students in that school and transferring project stuff through USB drives may be the child of the ass because there may be signs of viruses by then.

The third stupid thing involves the trolling in Arizona. While this term may be both good and bad, it seems that Arizona doesn’t seem to like this whole internet term at all. Another example is that some video may be damn popular or perhaps the product itself that it may be the vulnerable target to trolls. We have been watching out for the bad and stupid trolls anyway and trolls like those can get you scolded. But there in Arizona, doing these trolls can land you in prison for sure. There may be a good chance that this bill doesn’t get through.


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