On-going technical judgment future

Well, if that revived bill about taking down the websites that contain copyrighted content wasn’t that successful enough in Ireland, here’s another news discovered from Neowin.net. It seems that some famous hacker group is attempting to bring the down the Internet in March 31st but who takes a shit about this anyway. Wherever this rumor comes from should not be true and this is not the way for them to take some kind of technical revenge to that bill. Sure, the DNS servers are connected to the ISP and if you’re caught with those materials in your possession, your device is likely to be tracked through IP address. However, this is worse as the Internet will be inactive on that day temporarily just like what Wikipedia already did in January 18th like blacking out their website to take similar actions against that bill. Will that set of actions be useful to be taken against that bill again ever since its success in Ireland? And besides, who else outside those targeted countries takes a shit about that bill?


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