Gal Gun DLC

*Sigh* What do you get when the console manufacturer didn’t stop the game making company from making it 17+ and the whole thing was successfully released on that console with 17+ contents? The Playstation 3 port is what you get compared to the Xbox 360 port. The Xbox 360 port is what people should appreciate instead of the Playstation 3 port but there should be some exclusive information to tell here about DLC for Playstation 3 version.

One of the DLCs is from Soreyuke Burunyanman for PC and PSP. It may be surprising that the DLC seems to be in HD but this is ridiculously worse for various reasons.

  1. Soreyuke Burunyanman is the 18+ bullet hell shooter for PC and PSP. The DLC for Gal Gun for Playstation 3 must be something that worsened the game rating.
  2. The Playstation 3 version is getting close to be 18+ game or something and who knows how the PSP version of Soreyuke Burunyanman can be guaranteed for the people.
  3. The original version of Soreyuke Burunyanman is 18+ enough but for PSP version, who knows.

And the DLCs for Gal Gun for Playstation 3 are what they were working for besides the PSP port of Soreyuke Burunyanman? Only to realize that the PS3 version may be fine like that but who the heck is going to play this by the way? The Xbox 360 version might be a hit but how could the game be released for Playstation 3 without any notice from Sony like that? Where are the actions and advice from Sony? Did they even check the Playstation 3 version even before the game’s release? Of course, there will be usage of Playstation Move to shoot at things but the Playstation 3 version has additional theme songs, modes and characters to take a look at. The 8-Bit stuff is updated to reveal something that looks like a Mega-Man game.

Overall, the 17-18+ contents in the Playstation 3 version are what make it an unacceptable version to play and many people are daring to compare this game to the various FPS games but then who the heck cares about the Playstation 3 port anyway?


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