Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu HD Update

Looks like the Iphone 4 series and Ipod Touch 4th Gen users will get the HD update of the game that was released two years ago. It may be the same for IPad version but this is not the first time anyway as the previous game on that tablet with HD support is Espgaluda II which was also released two years ago. Last year, Espgaluda II for IPad had the HD update as well as the Smartphone Mode music that applies to the entire IOS version of the game.

The downside of this news is that they forgot to show off the trailer of the HD version of this game that was recently released yesterday. Basically, the HD version features the graphics that are similar to the Xbox 360 version. Also, the Smartphone Mode exclusive stuffs will get the HD look as well.

However, there are some differences by the way between the IOS and Xbox 360 versions. The Smartphone mode of Espgaluda II has you touch any part of the screen to clear off everything while in Awakening Mode. For example, if you touch the area with the turret, everything on that area will be cleared. Whether it’s the other enemies or the bullets that are above or next to that turret, touching that area destroys them including the turret and you get more Spirit Gems from clearing the enemy bullets while in that mode. Elsewhere in Black Label edition in Xbox 360 version, you can graze for awhile without getting hit while in Awakening Mode but who knows if that is true or not as I still haven’t got that game yet from Games On Demand. Also, the Arrange Mode can allow you to shoot back the enemy bullets while in Awakening Mode as long as you run out of the Spirit Gems. For Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu on smartphones, you get the giant hyper laser that looks like the rip off of Marisa’s Master Spark after spinning a lot in Hyper Mode. This is also in Dodonpachi Maximum for Windows Phone 7 but the bombing system may seem to be based on Dodonpachi II so that you can fill up the Laser Bomb bar as many as you can. Plus, there’s also grazing but that reduces your firepower to increase the Hyper Bar. Shooting lots of enemies on the other hand increases your firepower. For Xbox 360 version of Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu, the Arrange A Mode features the ships from Dodonpachi Daioujou and it is somewhat harder than usual while Arrange B has true graphical enhancements and like Espgaluda II’s Arrange Mode, the enemies may somewhat get stronger on higher levels. Also what’s different from Black Label edition is that you get two bars on top which may be equal to two bombs but that doesn’t mean you get two Hypers though as using Hyper Mode takes away one of the bars that is completely filled. The better side of Arrange B is that you get unlimited lives and it is somewhat the Arranged Training Mode.


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