Crimzon Clover for Nesica X Live

After Adventure Planning Service had completely finished their work on Trouble Witches for the arcade, Xbox Live Arcade and and Nesica X Live, they are planning to port the next doujin shmup game to Nesica X Live, Crimzon Clover. Crimzon Clover is basically the Dodonpachi clone that uses the graphics that match the graphical level of Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu. The controls are not like playing Cave shmup games however so you have to hold down both the Shot and the Focus keys to get the straight shot. In addition, you can use homing lasers at the enemies that are surrounding you and unlike Dodonpachi series, you can use Hypers like twice. While in the first Hyper Mode, you can activate the second one for twice the power. However, unlike Dodonpachi Daioujou, this one has like two levels of Hyper Mode power. Lastly, the pre-Hyper Mode is the bomb mode, that is before you reach the Hyper Level on the Hyper Bar.

The control layout isn’t that friendly enough on the keyboard so the best bet in playing this game will be via the game controller. Just remember, this game genre will not die. We’ll keep on seeing more shmup games in the future.

What’s new in the Nesica X Live version is that there will be two player support but right now, the site for that version had just opened via the teaser site style so we get to see more of the information after this blog post.


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