Sega’s Maimai

Looks like Sega is extra busy like that ever since last year. In addition to Project Diva series for the PSP and the upcoming Project Mirai for Nintendo 3DS, there comes another rhythm game with Vocaloid songs and this time it’s from Sega. Previously around this year, there was another new rhythm game with those songs as well by Konami named Sound Voltex Booth but I doubt that this isn’t the first time. It was like Namco and Taito were next to put in Vocaloid songs to their rhythm games, then now, it’s Konami’s turn. As Sega or perhaps Crypton Future Media is like surprised or something, it seems that Sega has decided to come out with a new rhythm game with those songs. One of them is Happy Synthesizer, which will also be in Project Mirai as well. There’s another one besides Happy Synthesizer but you can bet that it was recently in Project Diva Arcade last December. That was taken from Project Diva Extend if you can know the meaning of this.

From what we saw, the gameplay is something comparable to Samba De Amigo but the controller is obviously the touch screen circular monitor and the circular edge thing. You are supposed to press those buttons to the beat on the circular edges. Man, perhaps this is the quicker way of entering the passcode to open the door rather than turning the wheel to the corresponding numbers. There’s also the sliding feature on the screen and you have to slide your finger in the corresponding direction. Perhaps the cabinet is probably taller than the washing machine but then, who even has the opinion on the gameplay and cabinet concepts.


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