Darius Burst for Iphone

This one, there’s no much of surprises but it seems that Darius Burst for Iphone may seem to be looking like the PSP version or even the better one. Well, if there’s Xbox 360, PS Vita and Android ports of this game, then perhaps the PSP version may be for you to forget or something. Man, if there’s also the tablet version of Darius Burst under Darius Burst HD, I guess that the HD graphics may be taken from the arcade version. But porting like that from the arcade version to Xbox 360 and tablet devices may be imperfect and non-exact. Anyway, what a nice announcement from Taito during the Lunar New Year days.

However, Famitsu reports that the whole Darius Burst for Iphone is the new title with new music but according to the screenshots I already saw, the game itself still looks like Darius Burst anyway.


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