Journaling Club Update–CCA Fair

At first, the schedule would be going that smoothly but the freaking mind was changed that the CCA Fair would be taking place today from this morning to afternoon. What a waste of a module by then for a sudden mind change. Now, about the CCA Fair, there were newer clubs for new students to join and some of the new clubs may seem to be quite interesting for Asian people. Unfortunately, while the other clubs had enough resources to display like encouraging people to join, certain clubs like Journaling Club didn’t even have enough resources. What was missing was that we didn’t have something to walk around the place and display so that we could encourage people to join so I came up with such an idea to do the displaying on my Ipod Touch after seeing people displaying the encouragement promotion messages on those papers and other materials. However, even my idea was problem-some as well as the device itself was small and besides, I didn’t even have the app that would allow me to have the larger text. The worse thing was the cracks on my Ipod Touch in which I accidentally dropped it while trying to take out the freaking earpieces to hook up my Playstation Portable during the IAP days.

In the middle of the job, I was gladly surprised that I wasn’t the only one working at the CCA Fair. From what I knew today, all was there during the module was the first assignment that was supposed to be treated as the case study. Even the others found that difficult as well but I seemed to myself that the fifth exercise was actually like the proper case study. The worse distraction was that I was supposed to apply the registration for entry to Polys this month. This month, what the heck? I supposed that to happen around March anyway so that they can take a look at the final GPA to let me know if I can enter the Poly next time after this term.

Lastly after the CCA Fair, I then realize that there’s going to be the practical assignment next Tuesday after the assignment submission on Monday. But even then, I am still stressful over the assignments and the case study we’re supposed to do. And if we don’t know how to write the reports when entering the Poly course as the assignments, we’re going to be kicked out of the course for that.


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