Holiday Improvements Needed–Posted to Blogger in December 27th last year

While we all had the great Christmas happening three days ago, what the hell was up with some slackers choosing the wrong choice of musical celebrities for XINMSN Christmas. No Asian related music artists spotted from the home page for example and that ruined the slackers’ days, thanks to their power of slacking there against that sort of music. After some moments, nobody celebrated like that anyway with the wrong festive choice taken from XINMSN home page. I guess that nobody read that article anyway like the better favor is that people do what they do everyday even when there are celebrations from late to month-end of December. That’s the first improvement. Second improvement, at least one day, that dumb B****r will be completely kicked out of music career by all other music artists. Recently around this month in Asia, he was already defeated in his ass and that sounded like his music is forever inferior then. Well, he was already wailing by then and nobody in Asia listens to his songs anyway.

The third improvement so far that is happening this vacation is that the bill that was talked about in the previous posts has been delayed so the blockage of websites doesn’t seem to have started yet. At least we could have spent the holidays peacefully online but it can’t be the same if we are not safe online such as the lack of network and Internet security.

Forth improvement, a peaceful holiday in my country without any stupid disaster such as flash floods next time and now we have to be more serious than ever, not end up like those slackers anyway.


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