Account Level Up–Posted to Blogger in December 23rd last year

News like stopping piracy may be the cause of my account leveling up so we have to report smart next time to know which ones are the ones actually affected. Luckily, I’m not the one being affected by that movement for sure but then it can’t be same for our foreign friends online like their gaming stuffs on YouTube won’t be there anymore. If that’s the case, then we can take that everyone has learnt the lesson not to do piracy possession both online and offline. Second lesson may be regarding the use of emulator possession as well as the videos that are not ours that it may be somewhat wrong to share on YouTube but who knows if those videos including mine will be affected as well as we might have seriously admitted having posted those videos like that. However, the proper thing is that our stuffs mustn’t contain resources that don’t belong to us which may be a safe thing and safer lesson to learn.


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