Disaster Evacuation Aero plane

It may remind you of those used in movies and video games where fictional places are being devastated and non-normal people are chosen to evacuate like that, leaving the rest of the people to be annihilated. I guess that this kind of aero plane is coming true in real life to exist.

Then there was a new Clear Shampoo commercial which showed off some logo that looked like the one taken from the movie before showing something else. Perhaps that logo was a mini cameo appearance in the commercial. In this commercial, there were thoughts that your hair is being screwed that some health disasters like dandruff and hair-fall that put the disastrous end to your hair unless you apply the Clear shampoo. Unfortunately, I don’t see the latest version of the Clear shampoo for men but I think that I may want to try that out. By applying this in the commercial, the city returns back to normal with lights on and the storm is gone. That concluded the commercial but unfortunately for me, I’m already heading for such kinds of health disasters that dirty my life.

Perhaps the evacuation will just be at the beginning due to some invasion in August but that will be a secret kind of evacuation that will be ready for other people in the future.


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