Another CME Hell and Long Weekends

Well, in April 2nd, there was another strike targeting some of the countries. I don’t know if this is taking place this year or in the past. Well, you can see these aurora lights in the sky on that day so I expect this to be a good show than a dangerous one.


Another thing is that there may be long weekends next year as if something causes the stand still of the whole globe. Talk about someone coming here to warn about the bad future tens of years later. But even then, there should be something to bring that gigantic sphere away as there are signs of invasive attacks.

Okay, we’ve come to report that those I mentioned in the previous post regarding the Journaling Club Outing were more of the Transport Trip Frauds. These frauds had already tricked me saying that my identity card had expired. Actually, it hadn’t expired or some sort. It was the fact that the Bus Stamp thing was the one that had expired until today. What a waste of time from the beginning of this month until today! I have to say that those useless bums at home must be behind these tricks and frauds of the transport that affected my trips in April 4 to 6.


The description in the previous blog post had caused the delay in starting another work. Right now, I’m currently working on the arrangement of HDN PS3 Game Ending Theme. I can’t tell you the names of these in full form as I’m freaking embarrassed to mention them. Well, this song from this game on the PS3 is what I was talking about in the previous post saying that this was kind of similar to Smile Of You in terms of phases and choruses but certain parts are different between these two songs by then so this is another kind of musical similarity.

Coming up next after this is Raiden IV – Can’t Retrace which its beginning part sounds like a rip off of the first boss battle theme from one of the Genesis games. That may be the next work I’m going to work on.


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