Remastered Posts of March

Game Meaning of Eschatos

Eschatos may be fictionally worse for Xbox 360 in terms of storyline and the title’s meaning but the meaning of the game title is another interesting meaning to learn and know. It means the final days are coming before something causes the ultimate ending. For this game, it may be the exception or perhaps the warning because the invasion is right here hundred years later. It’s another shmup game that will be coming in March 24th and that will be freaking late for that release. Also, the surface is 80% purple-ish as if the whole damn thing is taken over or something. Lastly, if the orbits are getting out of control for no reasons, that can be the extreme chaos for everyone.

Update: The game is delayed so is Otomedius Excellent but the new release date for Otomedius Excellent will be in April.


March 12th Progress

The long awaited progress from last year is coming up but that turns out to be Darius Burst Stage 1 with elements of Remilia’s Theme. Originally out for the PSP two years ago, there was an arcade release last year with full HD graphics and two HD monitors. In addition, there’s four player support that can be even funner as well as the improved boss destruction sequence that slows down the game but then the size of the glow isn’t that large enough due to the fact the bosses are very gigantic in the arcade version. Only Taito Type X2 can support this game in the arcades and the Original mode is Deluxe-like mode in which you still have to try this mode besides Chronicle Mode which keeps you in playing this game again and again and again. However, each run is quite short no matter where you’re in unlike the PSP version where you get the longer run. Also, the Original Mode runs are shorter than those in PSP version but you get additional songs and ships that are exclusive to the arcade version. Strangely enough, the opening FMV is still 1280X720 centered just like in YouTube where the intro video is apparently sharper. You’ll rather watch the HD version on YouTube or the arcade version than the one in the PSP version which is 480X272.

Seems that only Pink Sweets Arrange Stage 4 may be the one having some elements from Eirin’s Theme and Kaguya’s Theme, leaving Darius Burst Stage 1 to be as normal as ever.

March 13th Progress

Looks like things are apparently ready and I had fulfilled the different promise the other way.

What was fulfilled was that I had completed the remix of Pink Sweets Ibara Arrange Stage 4 that is mixed with two final boss themes from Imperishable Night. It is pretty confusing when mixed up like that due to difference of notes but I can surely identify well as we know that Pink Sweets Ibara Arrange Stage 4 BGM is a rip-off of Eirin’s Theme from Imperishable Night. What the heck is the composer thinking? First rip-off seems to be the Hyper-Cannon thing from Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu Iphone Mode which is a rip-off of Master Spark.

March 16th

The disasters starting March 11th may affect the progress and the vacation but then I’m running into problems remixing Underwater Rampart from Battle Garegga. That ruins it for sure no matter how I can do this.

March 17th

Will this be the final progress and final work? No. Staying idle is boring and it’s not like my life is complete. I had already completed Underwater Rampart Remix so far leaving the elements of UR’s Jupiter Jazz to be unused.


March 20th

The remastering of the respective remixes uploaded to YouTube due to being posted in holidays will be coming up but I can assure that some will happen.


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