Next week, there may be a ray-ish disaster

Or maybe next year perhaps that we will encounter this disaster. Another thing is that there may be a gigantic collision just like in Fifth Element movie where a huge fireball called Great Evil is attempting to make an impact, wiping out everything. If there’s the ancient miracle object that will help us to save the day in the near future, then these rumors can go away after that, rendering some rumor memes pretty useless that I can take a look at anyway.

Another Purchase

This time, it’s Ghostbusters The Videogame on PSP and that was an enjoyable game although I got the disc error due to running out of battery or something. I guess that I have to recharge my PSP before playing that again because no one working at the shops may dare to play a touchy fool on the discs before the games are ready to buy. What a little blame to myself that I have to re-charge my PSP battery before resuming the game again!


The final test was over but then the vacation starts immediately after that. More discoveries at Game Store indicate that Game Store is such a better shop for me to buy. First, it’s some Capcom and SNK classic compilations on the PSP, so is the Namco classic known as Namco Museum Remix. Others are KOF classic compilations as well as the Metal Slug and Capcom puzzle compilations. Man, this is like buying more games in any way but then they are retro looking games released in the past. They may be fun but they are as retro as ever. So, I may be planning to buy a Namco classic compilation on the PSP after buying Ghostbusters The Videogame but then it is under Reowned category so I don’t know if that game compilation can be purchased or not. There’s even the DS version of Ghostbusters The Videogame and that looks even more inferior than ever.

The progress may be starting either tomorrow or even next week which is obviously too late as we may be facing even more disasters around this year.


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