Espgaluda II for Iphone (Remastered Post)

This includes Iphone Mode where you can touch the area as a mini bomb thing. The green touch effect reminds me of one of those bomb effects in Imperishable Night. However, you can’t move while in Kakusei Mode and choosing the simpler control mode reduces your intentions when playing this game. Also, the title screen is modified to make use of pixel perfect foreground positions while the background itself is resized. Better off playing in Horizontal Mode if available but that can be troublesome with touchscreen feature. Maybe you can put down the Iphone on the table for better playing but because it’s small, there will be trouble playing certain games properly with the finger. Seems that Iphone HD and Zune HD will be better in terms of resolution. The Iphone Mode can be useful for DS port but porting to DS will not be what I already want the game to look like. The game play resolution of Iphone version is perfectly fine saying that this is what the Iphone shmup game should have been. The graphical problem with Iphone version is that the transparencies of the effects have been turned off into darkening them apart and the gameplay problem is that it’s not easy on the smaller screen.

Meanwhile, the modern destructive war had apparently begun as we know and there’s no way this can be stopped. Apparently, there may be misunderstanding but of course not. There may be admits that such true involvements have been happening. Everyone’s time is running out and there’s no rights for us to stop this even if someone has the power to freeze time forever that such destructions from outside will be left unaffected.


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