SITEX IT Show Exploration

Note: This was posted in November 26th last year at Blogger.

The exploration was damn great but there were many too things to explore with like I had to go in one whole corner in a round. Strangely enough, the GPS devices are modernized as well as discovering additionally great USB devices and Google Android devices. Also, I already have an Acer laptop which is Acer Aspire 4740G that I didn’t even bother to take a look at other computers to avoid some kind of movie spoilers. For music videos, it’s surely full of popular K-Pop videos. Be it the music video or the live concert, either way, it’s an idol-like performance. One of those USB devices was a camera embedded with the flashlight which can be useful for bicycle users. The other one was a mini keyboard and when I controlled the mouse with it, it felt like you’re playing the flight or racing games. There was also the controller next to it that looked like what the Playstation 3 controller with the keyboard addon should have been. Next up was the phones. Unfortunately, there wasn’t any single Windows Phone 7 phone being shown which was a shame to this whole IT Show. There were popular GPS devices like those from TomTom for example where you can do the touchscreen thing. Unfortunately, GPS devices are not on par with the modern mobile devices with multi-touch screen support and modern interface animation. You may ask if those devices are like powered with Windows CE or something. There were also Media Center DVRs which are hard to buy at shopping complexes as well as various NAS devices and even Portable Internet TVs. Strangely enough until this year or next year, there was the first portable Internet TV launched two days ago in this country.

Overall, this IT show is a must go if you feel interested but that Drag Toilet Paper flash game contained shitty controls and the GPS devices are somewhat inaccurately embedded so that they can be on par with various modern mobile devices. I want the tapping method instead of constant sliding.

By SilveryFJ Posted in Iphone

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