Every network is dying ducks in 100 more days

Note: Posted in November 22nd last year followed by another post just below it which was posted last year as well.

We don’t believe what I discovered today at Neowin.net. The networking still uses IPv4 and the persons with the opportunity and ideas about IPv6 have the chance to fulfill the configuration of IPv6 networking. The business should still use the decent computer technology like using Windows 7 for decent works but then everyone screws things up! OK, I swear that the home networks are using IPv4 and IPv6 but we don’t know any other thing about IPv6. Even then, we will not be able to do networking and net-surfing any further after hundred more days because all the IPv4 addresses will be filled up. You know, shame on Windows XP or something but it also has the IPv6 support all along. We are all responsible over our home networks but then where do these IPv6 addresses come from? There’s a lot of fun on the Internet and network but too bad the business is going to conquer the technology with IPv4 like that, wiping out all the decent home networks including mine.

Check out the original link to see the meaning of this news here.


The soundtrack sequencing of Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu/Resurrection Iphone Mode is completed but the works on Windows Phone 7 Mode remixes still have to be done.


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