Mystery of Wrong Mystic Time for Destruction is Wiped Out

Note: This was already posted in October 22nd last year at my Blogger blog.

Where is this from Softpedia home page at Science Category? What kind of wrong rumor is this? Will this think that the wrong time of destruction is set that nobody knows the true time of destruction? Whatever this Science mystery is, it’s not true. Also today, the PSI is quite decreasing but not that much as the haze is still not over until tomorrow. I seem to be recovering from the dry throat but the dry cough is not over yet.


Recently, there was a gameplay trailer video of Mushihimesama Bug Panic and man, the whole game looks like you’re playing this in Facebook as the new Facebook application. And this time, there may be more updates. Right now, Distinction of Networks Photography Round is at Alpha stage and you will have controls for video and photo capture. Another thing I discovered was the Lost Spell Cards from respective Touhou games. These looked like inaccurate shits but this discovery should help me improve even more before Distinction of Network Photography Round. But when I tested it, it still looked quite difficult that I needed the feature to shoot back the bullets. Perhaps there are elements from Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu Arrange Mode and Mushihimesama Futari 1.0.

Back to present Notes: It appears that the difficulty for Distinction of Networkers Photography Round is way too high like shit but then I still don’t have time to re-update it as there are many things to work on. Although it is available for download, the update plans are being delayed and this is apparently my third attempt using Shoot The Bullet clone. Boss attack patterns for this game are supposed to be loosely based on Mushihimesama Bug Panic by the way but you’re off with Xbox 360 Bullet Hell games for consequenceless experience.


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