How to make Gensokyo a green land of fantasy starring Nitori and Marisa

Note that this was posted in August 14th.

Note, the lyrics for EXEC_HYMME_GRRENA_ORVICLLE may be remastered again until the song is complete for submission as Touhou Eco Challenge Project. I can’t actually use these actual names like Gensokyo for example as this is the bad idea in the first place when submitting this.

Characters in this story: Nitori, Marisa, Rinnosuke, Reimu

Eco examples: Wireless environment monitor (Perhaps to know which one takes up the most environment power), Devices that save energy and cost, Devices invented by Nitori

Progress: The song is complete but the lyrics is not. The song is actually a Touhou related arrangement.

Actual version:
There is Gensokyo where the Youkai mountain is located there. At the base of the mountain lies the Kappa river and the brilliant engineer named Nitori Kawashiro. She has her personal laboratory where she is seen engineering various stuffs for herself. Meanwhile, there’s a shop run by Rinnosuke where things are being imported to Gensokyo. He has already imported the eco related devices and they are ready to be set up all around Gensokyo. Nitori’s close friend, Marisa, arrives at the shop and delivers them all through a bag before taking off. Arriving at Nitori’s laboratory, Marisa shares some eco devices and good information about going green to her. Using these information, she decides to invent her eco devices which are more advanced than those imported before setting them up. As Marisa leaves with all the new devices Nitori’s invented, she decides to visit all known places around Gensokyo. Unfortunately, some places are already against the eco color. The border of entry of Gensokyo is the Hakurei Shrine where it doesn’t have any single coin in the donation box. There, she decides to have approval from Reimu before setting up the eco devices she is carrying before moving off to other places. The setup will take from weeks to months to complete before Gensokyo is ready to go green. However, this is not enough to go green as everyone has to know how to clean up their places from messes as well as recycling unused stuffs. Unfortunately, there’s no recycling service in Gensokyo like there’s no solution.


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