I’ll be attending a new future three years later

It’s been a year like this since that destructive movie was released and this is one such contribution to it starting yesterday and the second music work regarding Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu Iphone Mode was finished today. I guess that I started my work even late from my sleep.


It seems that things have been progressing. So far, the first two from Dodonpachi Resurrection Iphone Mode are sequenced. This step will have to be done before the musical arrange plan comes in. This arrange will be known as Windows Phone 7 Mode BGM as Windows Phone Mode will be arranged version of Iphone Mode and Windows Phone 7 version will have additional modes from Xbox 360 version. Right now, all you’ll get is the sequenced BGMs that have been done by me.

Here’s the list on how these songs remind me of:

Stage 1 = Classic J-Pop (Completed, available for download)

Stage 2 = Cirno’s Next Theme (Completed, available for download)

Stage 3 = Samba-like (I don’t know if I can do this one…)

Stage 4 = New Sunset Hill Zone (Completed, available for download)

Stage 5 = Alice and Aya Shameimaru’s Next Theme

TLB 1 = Super Robot Wars-like

TLB 2 = ASO’s Next Theme

Main Menu and High Score = J-Pop elements

If this game isn’t hard enough, you get to wait for the Xbox 360 arrange modes. Also, if I want to play this game once I’ve found it, I aim for Xbox 360 or arcade version. That can burn the Apple IOS tablet device to the bullet hell of Gensokyo. First of all, the members of Scarlet Devil Mansion have become suspicious of this tablet discovered by the residents of Gensokyo. You have two options, either get the members of that mansion to stab that tablet to pieces or get Eirin to do to the tablet like AVGN does to the 32X.


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