Next year, they may be another similar disaster that makes the power appliances go crazy and cuts off all the communications

If that documentary is kind of true like I saw in the newspaper, this title should be saying this all. Unfortunately, we don’t even know when this will happen exactly that we should get prepared. However, getting prepared against this disaster is not pretty easy. I may suspect that my enemy is behind this but for now, this is not what he’s causing about. During the beginning of this month, he had hired his gang group to murder someone at Downtown East. Then a few days later, they took place in another place near the block 418 located there. I guess that’s an epic number to take place there for them to cause the same kind of crime to happen. This was followed by a soccer field where the same thing happened. It might turn out to be some kind of an ordinary gang fight against another group. Who knows what happens next? Will my location be next that they will get rid of me for him to complete his mission so that he can cause a perfect destruction? Hell, even I’m gone, it’s not over yet like that. This kind of plan of his will never be perfect. Talk about like 5-8 gang members hired by him with the callsigns based on his telephone number.


Guwange for XBLA was finally out yesterday but the graphics are like pixelated without whatever enhancements. That ruins the image of decent consoles like that compared to other games. However, there are some mini modifications to this version like the one in the title screen and especially for the stage start screen in English language. Also, because this game is completely Japanese themed, not all things are translated. Another thing is that Mushihimesama Bug Panic will be released in November 18th. That may be the actual date after the announcement.


It appears that the upcoming game, Decision – Hell of Kinder is approaching. This time, it will have Versus play in addition to having wire-frame graphics. Another thing is that there may be my arranged music works regarding Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu Iphone Mode. The songs may be great but they’re out of place and they sound like they’re in respective places as well. Right now, even Stage 1 BGM will be remastered.


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