The CME trigger has arrived from August 4th

There comes another emergency post here, it seems that my enemy must have triggered a bunch of these fireball like objects at us that started before August. Perhaps he had the invisible weapon to cause this disturbance that he scarred me away like this that I couldn’t use power supplies so this post was posted in battery mode of the portable computers. What will happen to the future then after my graduation? Will this be worse than now and past like there may be Salamander like attack?

Currently, I have the work of EXEC_HYMME_GRRENA=ORVICLLE for Touhou Eco Challenge Project or NEA Eco Challenge Project. What is this meant is that, it is an another Touhou related arrange for NEA Eco Challenge Project. Any arranged music not from Touhou games can cause the rejection of this project. Another thing about this musical project by me is likely to be another Touhou related crossover with one of the RPG games. Unfortunately, only the lyrics for this work is incomplete but the progress is likely to be closer.


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