Wireless Router last Friday

One more thing to explain on what I bought, I bought the D-Link DIR-600 wireless router and the results for Windows Home Server Vail on the virtual machine in Virtual Box were that UPNP was set. Unfortunately, the ISP still blocks the respective default ports needed for Windows Home Server and contacting ISPs about this will be useless as nobody will believe on what the heck Windows Home Server is. Another problem is that the Broadband and the wireless router are both routers that bridging them is required. The problem is that the wireless router may have to be put in bridge mode without main core configuration of the broadband connection. Other things may include DNS Name and Web Site setup. The latest result was also that the wireless router was identified by WHS Vail but it is still not working as the setup is not complete. Lastly, the wireless router worked like the rest of the network charm, the home network was extended like I can switch which access point I can connect to.



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