Still planning about games

The next computer game I’m going to purchase turns out to be Sonic and Sega All Stars Racing for Windows. Unfortunately, as I will be likely to be playing this on my new laptop, laptops aren’t suitable for this game as their graphic cards are not compatible for it. What a retarded idea on not to support laptop graphic cards but the good thing is that the graphic cards for laptops can be sensitive to heat when playing next generation computer games like those FPS games for example. Using System Requirements Lab, I had tested my laptop and seen that many other computer games are suitable for it. Why can’t this game anyway, you may ask? Is there a guarantee that this game may be the next one to lag?


Anyway, moving on to next work. We’re planning to make a next music work which consists of Splash Hill Act 1 and something else mixed together. The current target may seen to be Flowering Night and Withered Leaf but things may be too much taken from them.


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