Espgaluda II for Xbox 360 was out yesterday

Before it was out, there are already screenshots and videos of this game. It features Black Label, Arrange and Xbox 360 Mode.

  • The Black Label mode can allow you to clear the enemy bullets in any mode you want where-else you can use the Kakusei mode to graze the enemy bullets. Be careful, you have limited graze bar when doing so.
  • The Arrange mode is something like Mushihimesama Futari’s Arrange mode where you can do something back to the enemy bullets in case there are too many of them for you to tolerate with. Basically, there are enemy bullets that can be shot but in Kakusei mode, it’s a limitation as you have the Kakusei items which are just below the green gem items. As you will have like thousands of Kakusei bonus items, there’s nothing to worry about the limitation of collecting these bonus items.
  • Xbox 360 mode is something we’re not sure of.

There may seem to have three BGM options and two of them are original and arranged ones. We’re not sure about the Black Label OST of this game as Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu Black Label already has its own different OST.


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