Rumors about Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu for consoles

It seems that I was told that someone has found the PS2 port of this game in beta stage. Whatever it is, it can look identical to the arcade version with lesser slow downs. There will be Arcade modes consisting of 1.5 and Black Label while the Arrange Mode is something we don’t know of but it can be based on Black Label all along.
For the Xbox 360 port, there will be even more modes than before in summer. As I might have played Mushihimesama Futari before in the arcades, there may or may not be guarantees that Dodonpachi Daifukkatsu will be region free as well.
How about the true final Dodonpachi series on that freaking Cave Windows XP Embedded SP2 PC? We may somewhat know that the game will be in 640X480 or perhaps 320X240 with 3D Graphics.


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