Taito’s Music Gungun

Sure looks like a great and interesting rhythm game by Taito Corporation for arcades. I think I don’t know the actual release but it’ll be released in around this year. The game play is that you shoot the incoming enemies that are coming at you to the musical beat. Be careful not to let enemies successfully come at you because I think this is not good like they will attack you. This is another game with the Vocaloid voice appearance. The first game with Vocaloid complete cameo appearance is the one on the DS. It’s not quite easy to play with the gun controller or the Wii Remote. The easiest way is probably with the mouse, graphical tablet or touch screen but the funny thing for talking about this best method is that you’ll end up playing a game which its game play is based on INIS’ rhythm games on DS. In fact, even Hatsune Miku Project Diva’s game play is based on them as well. There are also bonus stuffs as well such as shape forming bonus, Chance Time where you can shoot the thing you’re chasing. Chance Time, huh. I might have seen this in Hatsune Miku Project Diva. It’s quite a great game. Home console ports will be good as well and I can imagine the Wii version can be easily ported from arcade original with more songs.

Enjoy it when this game’s out and because of the cursors in the game screen, it can be mistaken for a Wii game lol.


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