Rev Up Stomp Out (March 2)

I probably wished that I could go to the same place as invited on social media but I couldn’t as the presence of those retards at home had kept me from doing so, like hogging on the computer watching some dramas and variety programs. Obviously, those shows were like watched illegally or some kind but I admitted that I did a bunch of messed up things in the past. Furthermore, those retards I just mentioned had become bigger obstacles than before. To play strict while becoming that bad or stupid is equal to getting one smacked. Prior to this event, one of them had the guts to return back home extremely late like beyond midnight. I wondered if she went to the club or something after her tuitions but was I worried about that? No! So, why would those retards act worried or something like they already did in the past over events I attended like the Global Game Jam and the Halloween-themed school DJ gig organized by Electronic Music Production interest group? I could ignore those stupidly useless transport advices being thrown at me! If those retards had to teach me something I thought to be unspeakably stupid, I could ignore them as well!

By the way, the DJ gig organized by the crew wouldn’t be part of the Lunar New Year celebration just because that day was the final day of the celebration so by the time it was midnight, there wouldn’t be any more point to celebrate Lunar New Year anymore as it was ALREADY DAY 16! Sure, the gig would be over by 3am without any ending speech whatsoever as indicated by the radio live stream in which the radio channel already moved on to another program after that.

I don’t know if the DJs who have their day-jobs can let their colleagues know that they have gigs on other days. It may be a good knowledge as long as those two jobs don’t clash although being a DJ/musician doesn’t seem to be quite enough as a career unless you’re at a superstar level.

So, a couple of different things I had so far this time.

  • Common/regular music genres like EDM/House or whatever that were played in this event although they would defeat the purpose of it. That part got me energized or some kind but then I shouldn’t be confused about this all along when I should know the fact that I was already in the right place in terms of the live stream location. The radio program was already tuning in to the gig I was invited to by some DJ all along. I guess that becoming a DJ myself like they did isn’t an easy path after all.
  • Like the gig that took place at the same place two months ago, there were some songs that I could recognize so far especially for other songs like B.B.K.K.B.K.K., Gigadelic, Guitar Hero, etc.
  • What was up with the last part of their gig? Playing a bunch of J-Core music and especially the Vocaloid one or some kind? It’s a shame that the Vocaloid and J-cartoon music are kind of frowned upon or maybe the unusual choices for club parties. You may piss off the clubbers who are not nerds at all with that kind of music but I bet that no nightclubs may welcome it in the first place. Plus, this is a DJ gig where you may optionally have glowing bracelets, glowing finger rings and other stuffs, not some idol concert you have to be using those stinking glow sticks or some shit.

Lastly, I was bombarded with invitations about going into such places I had no interests in and to say that I’ll pass isn’t going to help. However, there is something like a magazine that I was given along with the invitation voucher recently that mentioned whatever situation that is all happening as a current prediction but that is a story of another time. And to drag me into meetings I can barely understand has been an absolute test of my interests as planned by those retards all along. It’s also disrespectful to teach me how to laugh or smile and especially when you mix childish rhyme with that bullshit because it’s a lack of knowledge of a person’s personality and you should have known different kinds of personalities all along from movies, dramas, etc.


Persona 3 & 5 Dancing spinoffs

Unlike Persona 4 Dancing All Night, Persona 3 and 5 spinoff dance games have a non-canon story mode and the interactions between characters take place in the Velvet Room which looks like a club, the same setting as in Persona 4 Dancing All Night. The character interaction is different this time as you get to interact with the characters from both games. The settings are taken from the original Persona games rather in a brand new location like in Persona 4 Dancing All Night. The dance moves in Persona 3 Dancing Moon Night will be acrobatic based while the ones in Persona 5 Dancing Star Night will be realistic dance based.

There will also be the Playstation 4 release of Persona 4 Dancing All Night as a digital download and both games will be released in May this year in Japan. For the protagonists of Persona 3 & 5, they have an actual name this time with the protagonist of Persona 3 having the same name as the one in Persona 3 animated movie.

Blazblue Cross Tag Battle

A spinoff crossover game with other 3 franchises being part of it. This consists of Blazblue, Under Night In-Birth, Persona 4 Arena and RWBY. One of them isn’t a fighting game franchise but rather, it starts off as a western 3D web animation by Rooster Teeth. It’s trying to pose as some animated show made in Japan but this looks more like some cartoonish game with 3D cell-shaded graphics made in Japan instead of the traditional 2D animated cartoon shows. The others have done well in mimicking the Japanese-style animation in an usual way when compared to Rooster Teeth which goes on an unusual route. There are some controversies surrounding the RWBY franchise like the main man behind it dropping out of high school just to do a bunch of animated stuff as well as getting hired by professional companies despite having a lack of diploma/degree and of course, some characters forging the educational qualification to enroll in the academy. Bottom line, STUDY GODDAMN WELL AND DON’T END UP LIKE THAT MAN WHO DROPPED OUT OF HIGH SCHOOL FOR THAT STUFF!

For Persona 4 Arena and Arena Ultimax, they are spinoffs of Persona 4 the RPG game but they aren’t the only spinoffs so far. As Blazblue Cross Tag Battle is being made by Arc System Works, the assets for both Blazblue and Persona 4 Arena are quite the same. For Under Night In-Birth, the sprites will have to be redone although I don’t know if the backgrounds from that game will have to be redone as well.

In comparison to Guilty Gear Xrd and Dragon Ball FighterZ which have brand new graphical styles, this for some reason is like one generation behind as Blazblue series started in the late 2000s so to the new consoles, the graphics are nothing special no matter how detailed they look. Sure, they are awesome as always throughout the Blazblue series although I don’t know if the existing backgrounds will have high-res textures or what not.

One major problem, the character roster looks incomplete and upon the game’s release, there will be 20 characters with the additional 20 except for 2 of them being paid DLCs. But at least, the game hasn’t gone on the worse route. Street Fighter V when it first came out, was unspeakably incomplete in terms of character roster as well as the lack of important main game modes and the way to get additional characters is controversial. You can buy them as paid DLCs or you can grind in a tedious way to use in-game currency to buy them. In fact, I’ve seen the worst-case scenario regarding the rhythm games on mobile with endless paid DLCs for a complete collection as well as the initial amount of songs you’ll get upon download completion. However, it seems that Cytus is going on a different route with free updates giving you additional songs at no charge and it may be the same for the idol-themed rhythm games. I don’t know if the other game genres are having this similar bullshit as well.

Lastly, there will be English dubs in Blazblue Cross Tag Battle unlike Central Fiction which doesn’t have one but the controversy regarding the lack of English Dub in Central Fiction isn’t that large. Also, unlike the main Blazblue series, this will come out first on consoles and Steam.

Arcana Heart 3 Love Max Six Stars on Steam

There’s not much to say about the Six Stars update for Arcana Heart 3 as it is the minor update to Love Max update. Most of the ending artworks are in 4:3 but with the new characters exclusive to Six Stars update, the new ending artworks are in 16:9 HD. Perhaps, the graphics are all redone with higher resolution sprites, backgrounds, new UI, new HUD and HD artworks. The Love Max update is more or less a major update to the original Arcana Heart 3 compared to Six Stars update.

Using Kickstarter as part of the announcement for the Steam version, Examu has plans for additional characters exclusive to the Six Stars update in addition to Minori who was already added to the arcade version of Six Stars update. I don’t know if the arcade version will have those characters from that Kickstarter plan added or not in addition to the Steam version but then, I don’t know if there will be a point for that as the arcade platform the game is on is already way too old.

The box and title artworks for Arcana Heart 3 Love Max are quite interesting fascination although the Six Stars update is kind of questionable over the new character’s controversial reveal in the hero form.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

So my initial impression when discovering Dragon Ball FighterZ is that it is a hybird between Guilty Gear Xrd and Marvel vs Capcom 2. It’s a 3-3 fighter in the same way as Marvel vs Capcom series and the 3D graphical style is like Guilty Gear Xrd but superseding. It has some elements similar to other famous Arc System Works fighting games and especially that the Super and Instant Kill moves take the 3D animated scenes to the next level. Even the match’s intro and outro are superseding at best like the fighters clash in 3D animated scene while the announcer is saying out the match quotes for instance. In Guilty Gear Xrd starting with Revelator, when the round is being announced by the announcer, the camera moves down from top to bottom before the round starts.

For Story Mode, it is sort of like Guilty Gear Xrd’s Story Mode where everything is 3D animated but even better as Guilty Gear Xrd’s Story Mode has some minor flaws like the separate windows of characters talking to each other like it’s a different and unusual way to advance the visual novel gaming to the next level. It’s kind of like two different screens of characters in different scenes talking on the phone or something. Also, there will be battles in the Story Mode in Dragon Ball FighterZ although the flaw is that you’ll end up fighting clones or some sort. For Street Fighter V and Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, there are battles where you end up fighting enemy guards, enemy soldiers or even brainwashed dolls for SFV in addition to the standard battles. Why put in enemy soldiers or guards as fighting game opponents? A scene of characters tackling those enemies should be enough or perhaps, a modern 2D beat-em-up game where the camera switches to 3D mode for conversation and 2D mode for gameplay.

Graphics-wise, the game uses Unreal Engine 4 and it has superseded Guilty Gear Xrd in various ways. If there were problems in 3D character models for Guilty Gear Xrd, then the workaround the developers came up with was the swapping of parts of the models or something. Another challenge is that the characters may end up clipping through each other when they get too close during the fight. Through similar graphical techniques, the cell-shaded graphics match the modern Dragon Ball cartoon shows quite well although I might have seen portions of the classic Dragon Ball cartoons back then in my childhood. One thing I can recall is the scene where Goku’s body was swapped by some opponent. Another thing I can recall is the Ginyu Force whose introduction is ridiculous.

It’s a massive improvement over the previous Dragon Ball games developed by Arc System Works on 3DS. This one’s a big effort from them and as of this writing, it seems that they need more time on creating assets for other characters for Blazblue Cross Tag Battle which is half-finished by the time of its release in terms of character roster. Not to mention that the game’s release on PS4, Xbox One and Steam with Unreal Engine 4 has proven the amount of graphical potential done to it while retaining the similar techniques as Guilty Gear Xrd. Why can’t Blazblue Cross Tag Battle go next-gen like it’s beyond me? I mean the assets are one-era behind for Blazblue Cross Tag Battle although I don’t know if the sprites will have much higher resolution or some kind.

Dragon Ball FighterZ is a must buy for fans of fighting games and Dragon Ball franchise. It may have finished off Marvel vs Capcom Infinite through its badass concepts and is said to be one of the best modern Dragon Ball fighting games for years to come.

New YouTube Partner Program controversy

This is one big concern in hundreds of words to the people as YouTube is coming up with a stricter policy that will be effective next month. What you should worry about is the channels that will no longer be involved in monetization and the small YouTube channels are already losing momentum as if people have lost interest in their videos or some kind. It may sound like YouTube is ruining small channels like they no longer care for them because their contents are less interesting or whatnot but it seems that YouTube seems to care for actual professional YouTubers out there who can monetize their stuffs without screwing up their channels. But before this policy is to take place, the most important thing in doing things as a professional YouTuber is that everything in your videos must be in the legal/light zone so that it’s safe to monetize them without worries of trouble. However, one dark example is that someone monetizes the videos they’ve stolen from other accounts or maybe the videos containing something in the grey zone. What an illegal way and I can imagine consequences worse than account termination.

In the past, a lifetime of 10000 views is required in addition to 1000 subscribers to be part of the YouTube Partner Program but then that amount is like too small and my channel has like 400000+ total video views or some kind although I have like 200+ subscribers. However, I have no main goals in pushing these amounts even quicker in the future as showing off something no one else has shown is the first reason why I started my YouTube channel in the first place. Of course, there might be useless garbage I posted in the past but they were easy to take down or something as people probably expected me to do things right in the future so that they would be interested in my channel. However, this is going to change next month with 4000 hours of watch time in the past 12 months along with 1000 subscribers. For small channels like mine, you may be out of luck if you don’t follow this new criteria but that’s what it is to become big for real with tons of views per video as well as the growing amount of subscribers. A channel with sufficient amount of total video views although the amount of views per video is not that large may have a difficult chance of being a YouTube Partner. Things have changed quite alot although some of the features were more controversial.

What will happen is that you can still use various channel features but to go deeper will require verification and being a YouTube Partner. For Custom URL, Custom Thumbnail and Live Streaming, your channel must be verified and for Cards and End Screens, you will need to be a part of YPP in order to link things to the external source. Plus, this revamped program will be a new license in terms of video monetization. You need to be part of it if you want your videos monetized. A real change is that Super Chat and Sponsorship will be parts of YPP, not outside of it and besides, a sponsorship is not an easy thing to do for YouTube or other professional business.

Well, I might have seen tons of reaction videos and that was an impressive stuff but the thing is, they’ve taken the copyrighted content for their reaction videos and monetized them. I guess commerical-use rights or sponsorship must be required if you want a professional reaction to the stuff you see and it may be the same for product reviews and vlogs containing copyrighted contents.

Sure, you can tell me things about Fair-Use but those things above are at professional levels and your videos must be in the light/legalized zone if you want them monetized legally. Some alternatives in getting your channels supported may include Twitch, Patreon and even your merchandise but then, I don’t know if the policies are changed there or not.

There are already concerns so far from people stating that they will be kicked out of the YPP program next month and it looks like they will need some help but then, they can try various alternatives to keep their career alive and kicking. Especially for musicians and DJs in which their public performances don’t give them so much money in the end and it seems that they will need other ways to gain additional money for survival. If gaining tons of money is your first priority, then you don’t deserve your advancement in your career for sure. You must have passion and ambition for whichever career you want.

Will small channels like mine be gone next month? I guess not. I can still continue posting my stuffs there although my channel is already on life support starting sometime last year. The amount of watch time in minutes and views is already decreasing but I guess that I already feared on what the retards at home had been up to against me as well as a bunch of accidental things I did in the past like 1-2 years ago. There’s also a site in which someone can end up making one’s own account and then verifying accounts that are not entire his/hers. I wonder if that is a flaw in the service or something but speaking of impersonating channels on YouTube, it may pose a challenge to indicate which one is genuine or not so that a genuine one can be truly verified. This may solve the confusion among the viewers and the impersonators may be sad or something with/without realizing the trouble they’re in. Sure, a simple consequence is account termination but that doesn’t seem to be enough for some of the immature impersonators or even the useless trolls I had ever seen.

Another part of the revamped YPP is that 10000 people will be hired by Google to work on things like manual reviews of the YouTube channels and such and things will be like effective or maybe complete globally two months later.

Ubuntu 17.10 Update

The amended release of those ISO images had the promise not to brick those laptop computers and it was released this year. It appears that certain brands of laptops like Acer, Dell, etc. were bricked at the BIOS scale in which they were not able to boot.

So much controversial mistakes until now probably came from Intel and the other tech companies after the fact that the patches against Spectre and Meltdown either caused certain computers not to boot or suffer something else like BSOD on AMD computers affected by those faulty patches but that’s an on-going story for another time. Before those vulnerabilities were discovered by the public, there laid a bug affecting the Intel SPI driver which rendered those laptops unbootable. The amended release of Ubuntu 17.10 had disabled the driver and its official warning says that it should not be enabled unless you what you’re doing as doing so can overdrive the SPI flash. The worse thing is that those laptops can be simply bricked with the live boot whether it’s USB or the DVD disc of Ubuntu 17.10 prior to the amended release.

There may be solutions to undo the damage but the worst case scenario is that THE ENTIRE MOTHERBOARD WILL HAVE TO BE REPLACED! So, if you want to update or upgrade something, how can you make sure that none of the patches tampers with the hardware component at the motherboard level? If this is how they make patches or upgrades available like that with motherboard tampering, there will be a serious lawsuit against them and their reputation can be affected! What about Intel? Are they aware of this serious issue?

Another important thing is that Ubuntu 17.04 was already out of support and to upgrade to Ubuntu 17.10 at this time will be no easy feat. I don’t know what the future Ubuntu versions may contain after seeing this news on various tech sites like Softpedia and OMG Ubuntu, etc. The same kind of concern may take place in MacOS and Windows as well in addition to Linux. Not to mention the patches that will require altering something at the motherboard level like the BIOS-level hardware component for instance, are NO PLAYTHINGS. Applying those will be no easy feat even when there’s a serious technical situation that is another story of another time. What about the computer magazines containing Ubuntu 17.10 in the optical discs? Well, the publishers of those magazines couldn’t be blamed when things stated above already happened enough. There may be great things about every future version of Ubuntu but certain versions have already caused controversies and this one has caused a more serious controversy than the other versions of Ubuntu that did so.

Lastly, for the enterprises, if everything is okay with the patches, they should be ready to go level-by-level with the critical-level being the production environment. But before you plan to deploy those patches, you may as well wait to see if there’s any bad news regarding them. It may probably take days, weeks or even months should there be any bad news. The example of a bad news for patches is that they may render the computer unbootable at either the OS-level or even worse, the BIOS-level as if the BIOS itself is tampered with.

Thumper Pocket Edition on IOS

Originally on Playstation 4 and Oculus with VR support, followed by the Xbox One and Switch releases, Thmuper is the violent rhythm game where you ride to the beat in a similar fashion to Audiosurf except that it is more of an actual rhythm game than Audiosurf.

On consoles and Steam, you use the controller to do the interaction but on the upcoming IOS version, this is all done on the touchscreen although I don’t know if you can tilt the device to the beat or something. As this is on Portrait orientation, it can be easy to play with one hand and that’s that. The IOS version will be coming out in January 24th this year.

Rudymical: Dark Witch Episode Music

Like Eat-Beat Dead Spike on mobile, this one uses the music from the existing games so you won’t find exclusive arranges whatsoever. This started off as a mini-game in The Legend of Dark Witch 2 and later where you have to slice projectiles to the beat like you’re playing Rhythm Heaven. Unlike Eat-Beat Dead Spike, the assets are so much the same as the main games.

Unfortunately, the game itself isn’t anything great, that is on Nintendo Switch. It is plagued with several flaws on both mobile and Switch versions but the Switch version is already quite worse enough that it is on the list of Top 10 Worst Games of 2017. You’re already better off playing other rhythm games on the Switch like Voez and Deemo by Rayark. One cool thing is that Voez on Switch has songs from The Legend of Dark Witch games and that can cause the rise of the ESRB game rating to Teen-Rating as some of the characters from those games have skin-revealed too deep and therefore, it can be inappropriate for little children to play Voez on Switch.

Flaws so far:

  1. Character grunts are repetitive for a game like this and some of the characters can be outright annoying. Maybe, there should be attack calls and other stuffs but even then, this is annoying and repetitive. Thankfully, you can turn those off in the Switch version but that’s not enough appeal for it.
  2. The gameplay is questionable. You’re slicing things thrown at you to the music and there’s no way you can fight back the enemy. The mini-game in the main games is like a special training or some kind and you get the Results screen that is akin to the one in Rhythm Heaven series. Unfortunately, unlike Rhythm Heaven, the gameplay in this game including the Rudymical mini-game in the main games is already repetitive at times and it can be annoying at higher difficulties that you may want to switch games after that from the way the game is designed.
  3. The amount of songs is quite low and you may expect at least 30-40 songs for today’s rhythm game standard. This is quite inexcusable even for a spinoff game like this.
  4. The Multiplayer Mode in the Switch version doesn’t do justice. Even the VS Mode is a 2-screened mode. Can’t there be a music game where you reflect things back to your opponent that are thrown at you in ONE GODDAMN SCREEN AND AREA?

Not even anyone is interested in planning to do the real life version of some Rhythm Heaven mini-game in a Legend of Dark Witch cosplay or something where they slice things to the music seamlessly. To do seamlessly, there should be sufficient amount of different moves, grunts and attack calls although special attacks are difficult to do so and certain of them won’t be done anyway. It’s not like they can organize a dance battling game where you have to dance and slice things to the music dressed up in a fantasy combat cosplay. I don’t think people may appreciate this kind of inferior idea in the first place.

If there’s a Rhythm Heaven game on Switch, things may be questionable like whether the game will make use of motion controls or not like it’s beyond me. The only better idea for a real life skit of Rhythm Heaven I have is if anyone will mimic those stages from Rhythm Heaven Fever. You can try to mimic the Muscular Man Interview part although you don’t NEED to be muscular to do it for instance.

It’s an epic waste of time and money for anyone who’s bought the Switch version. The mobile version is already a mixed bag for me but the Switch version is either bad or mediocre. It’s best to stay away from the Switch version in favor of other rhythm games on the same platform. In fact, you may as well stick on to The Legend of Dark Witch series which is a Megaman-style game with Gradius power-up bar.

Zero Gunner 2 & Strikers 1945 II on Switch

Zero Gunner 2 is maybe great or underrated when available in arcades and Dreamcast but the Switch version has made things a little bit worse.

  • The effects are enhanced although some effects are not that great. It’s the same flaw as what the arcade and Dreamcast versions have but the Switch version improves them a little with Additive Blending for the explosion, splash and smoke effects.
  • Objects appear and disappear out of nowhere in some of the stages and especially for the ones that are parts of the stages.
  • Some of the environmental effects are missing.
  • The object falling motion has both Smooth Start and Smooth Stop which ruins the purpose of a falling object. Normally, the object has a smooth beginning of the falling speed and the speed never drops until the object crash-lands on something which stops the speed abruptly.
  • The way the instruments are played isn’t that great and this is the same flaw the original versions have.

This is not how you port a 2000s game to a modern console. The other Naomi games are ported better to modern platforms with better graphics, rearranged soundtracks and different sound effects. However, not all games are modernized like that. Certain games have enhanced graphics, some have different sound effects and some have rearranged soundtrack. This one has enhanced effects like other Naomi games ported to modern consoles but other things in it are ruined for some reason.

Some of the Dreamcast/Naomi games are ported to modern platforms without any enhancements whatsoever although some of them actually have true widescreen support. Other problems for other games take place in other articles.

Then, about Strikers 1945 II on Switch, there’s probably not much to say although I might have played the mobile version of it. The mobile version has some backgrounds missing in some stages but the conversion is still accurate nonetheless.