Top 10 IOS and Android apps banned by companies for security reasons

The majority of Android apps are probably banned by companies due to malware and anything that goes against cyber-security while the list for IOS mentions various famous apps like Whatsapp, Pokemon Go, WinZip, Facebook Messenger, Plex, WeChat and some unknown eBay app.

For Whatsapp on IOS, it can send Address Book while Facebook Messenger, WinZip and some unknown eBay app in the Top 10 list send SMS messages. Plex on the other hand, does something quite worse like exposing device name and location. Camera exposure through apps is another reason like you don’t want other people in public areas in the photo or video or maybe private premises SHOULD NOT be photographed or filmed. Plex is supposed to be some kind of a home media center service but why would it expose camera like it’s beyond me? This is something Plex should explain and media centers at home are for watching something like movies, dramas and other TV shows.

According to the firm however, it appears that companies are seriously concerned about those cyber-security flaws in the apps like they pay detailed attention to them. Most of the time, the information transmission isn’t encrypted despite the fact that there are promises to get messages encrypted for apps like Whatsapp, for instance. Furthermore, Facebook, Pandora and Yelp are to be treated with extra care by administrators, that is for IOS and on Android, Uber, Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger may include things like data leaks and breaches.

Lastly, about Pokemon Go being in Top 10 IOS apps banned by companies, it may be due to the fact that:

  • The players may be disturbing the workplace like trying to find and catch the Pokemon taking place in the company premises.
  • The locations may be vulnerable to trepassing because of rare Pokemon, gym or any other stuffs taking place there.
  • The game can be used by criminals for illegal activities which may make the players and non-players the victims. (Eg: Luring victims to such locations through illegal modification of the game)
  • Even with policies, the cases can occur.

To use those apps in the workplace is equal to seeking serious trouble and the researchers at Appthority spent tons of effort in identifying the flaws of the apps for IOS & Android. Perhaps, the same policy should go for Windows Store apps as used in Windows 8.1 and Windows 10. To make them exactly like Windows 7 in which every Modern UI stuffs and apps have to be removed completely isn’t an easy task but the enterprise version of Modern UI apps should be a thing for business touch screen devices.


Radio connection feature controversy in IOS 11

One selfish example is that someone says to you in a cussing and childish way that privacy violation stuff as done by the company through their products is none of your concern and that you’re whining like a baby over the lack of privacy. Simply taking us for fools, losers or even supporters of baddies just because we care for privacy is one sure way to proof that your comment is a selfish one.

Electronic Frontier Foundation, the group that CARES for people’s privacy had criticized Apple Computer for the fact that the bizarre way of radio connections in IOS 11 is handled. It’s a bizarre stuff and it should take you back to Windows 10 days like even if you turn off certain stuffs for privacy, there’s still a chance that your privacy is being compromised. So, are the options fake or something, pretending to protect your privacy? It’s not like I can imagine a scene where something pops up on the victim’s computer presenting him the options for the sake of increasing the privacy but instead, that stuff does the opposite, nothing or even offers partial protection out of its pretense. To turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in Control Center will be not to disable them completely but instead, to disable them temporarily until the device discovers a new location whose settings are stored. So, if you turn off Wi-Fi for instance, it actually closes the existing connection, causing your device to be connected to some other Wi-Fi network. This is like applying a different action to the feature instead of the supposed one.

Compared to what Windows 10 does to people’s privacy through various features, this on IOS 11 is done out of stupidity or something as if the feature does something else. Such mis-implementation like this can open doors to cyber-attacks.

Perhaps, this new feature on IOS 11 needs to be fixed from such stupid errors that open doors to cyber-attacks. The further the product goes in violating users’ privacy, the more the consequences will be delivered to the company.

DJ Max Respect

It had been a few years since DJ Max Technika Q was released on mobile but there may be tons of things to blog about here.

Firstly, something cropped up at Pentavision that the Ex-DJ Max developers formed a new company called Nurijoy to develop Beatcraft Cyclon for the arcades and port it over to Playstation 4, Xbox One and Playstation Vita as Superbeat Xonic. The second thing was that Konami’s reputation has been going from bad to a little bit worse I should say like the way they do to Beatmania IIDX ever since Beatmania IIDX Spada has been disrespectful to the visual purpose of DJing. The Club-DJ-Land is supposed to be about taking place in a nightclub with Disco Ball, tons of lights, dancefloor, non-stop music, a DJ booth and of course a counter for buying something to drink but to come up with out-of-place skins and weird-ass music defeats the purpose of club music and NOBODY AS A DJ plays that unless you’re some DJ who gets other DJs and clubbers ostracized by playing that kind of weird music in your gig. Your clubbers can sense your fear of warning or contract termination for that choice and behavior of yours. Sure, the poster involving you and other DJs can have whatever visual theme of the gig as desired but it still means that the music has to be relevant in terms of genre according to the club rules if there are ones. Not to mention that the interior of the nightclub will STILL look like the nightclub so to ask for decoration of it is out of the question.

DJ Max Respect is said to be the reboot of the franchise and the classic series which refers to the DJ Max series on PC and Playstation Portable. It has tons of songs from various DJ Max games including the spinoffs like DJ Max Technika series. However, the initial songs that come with this game will be from DJ Max Portable 1 and 2 along with new songs exclusive to it. Others will be available as DLCs. BGAs of the songs from previous DJ Max games will be remastered with 1080p and 60fps. There may be rumors of choosing other UI skins than the default ones but as of this writing, the game is already released in Asia and Korea with Japanese release to follow in November. The western release has still yet to be announced.

There are other stuffs exclusive to DJ Max Respect, some of the missions from Mission Mode are making use of 10-keys as the complete maximum amount compared to 8-keys from previous DJ Max games on Playstation Portable. By adding additional bumper buttons, the game makes more potential use of the Playstation 4 controller and I can assume that even analog sticks will be used for their corresponding notes during gameplay. Auto-Fever doesn’t have any effect on the score but I’m still fine with or without having to activate the Fever Mode manually. There’s also the two-player battle feature similar to the one in Beatmania IIDX but the superseding thing is that the game also has the online two-player battle feature to see who can score better. This has been around in rhythm games in the arcades that have online multiplayer battle.

Like Superbeat Xonic, the Japanese release of DJ Max Respect will have additional songs taken from Arc System Works games like Guilty Gear Xrd and Guilty Gear 2: Overture under Early Purchase Bonus.

One present warning, your account and player names mustn’t have DJ at the beginning or at the end UNLESS you’re a real club DJ who has gotten in a gig before, whether it’s a club, a festival, a bar, or even a wedding event. Mobile DJ on the other hand is a different story but the purpose is more or less the same. You’re getting real club DJs ostracized that way with such account name of yours and you’re vulnerable to be mocked out of their suspicions. My worse imagination is that you may be denied entry to the club/bar/pub if your account is found out like that along with your content and bio. There should be a technical trick on social media and video sharing sites that detects “DJ” in your account name and if found, it will check through DJ database to see if you’ve done a gig or not. But if there’s no DJ contract whatsoever in your account and you keep that kind of account name in it like you continue this kind of claim and keep on posting rhythm game contents on that account, you will be suspected of being a filthy-gamer claiming to be a DJ through those games. You still can become a club-DJ in the future but only if you become genuine and mature enough and stop that filthy claim.

EDF 4.1 Wing Diver The Shooter

EDF series as published by D3 Publisher has been a fun franchise as if Mark from Classic Game Room sees it as one of his favorites like there are tons of potential in design throughout the series but the upcoming spinoff based on EDF 4.1 is more or less made by a different developer company and from what I saw in the game trailer, the game is lacking a large amount of graphical potential when shooting off invading insects, robots and other alien stuffs with a Wing Diver soldier. I’m not sure if the graphical engine is the same or not but it doesn’t look like the giant insects are spewing out tons of blood effects when being shot or something. Another unacceptable thing is that remaining giant insects that are still on screen disappear on thin air without effects whatsoever by the time the bonus part ends. Plus, the effects when defeating giant insects are two-generations behind or some sort. I wonder if that is the same for the spider web thingy from the boss battle.

The trailer narration is repetitive at best but the in-game voice acting for the series should be decent as assumed since they are about elite global militants dealing with giant invaders and that things should be serious enough.

From the game announcement, there will be tons of weapons and missions to choose from and like the entire EDF series by D3 Publisher, you get the boost energy for weapon use and flight along with the armor. It’s mission failure if you get killed in action but at least you have the option to restart the mission or retreat. It’s a dangerous operation in the entire game series but leveling up the character classes is more or less important if you want to become more powerful. There will be items from the enemies you’ve defeated but another important thing about EDF game series is the strategy. The bonus part in every stage of the spinoff game involves shooting tons of giant invading enemies within the time limit for bonus but that doesn’t seem to fit the story whatsoever and the amount of them is way too large if the weapon you use is quite weak.

The game will be released for Playstation 4 in fall this year and who knows if this will be as fun as the main games?

Apple IOS 11 & Iphone X

One of the features has already made Electronic Frontier Foundation proud is that you should be able to disable the Touch ID for security by five clicks. This is said to be useful for Iphones that make of this IOS version. Needless to say, not all IOS devices may work with this technique but this improvement is already a good thing Apple has done. Another cool thing is that the Iphone X doesn’t have the TouchID feature whatsoever.

The new Files app is kind of similar to the File Manager/Explorer app for Android where you can browse through the files stored in the cloud and your device. The Dock feature for IOS is kind of the like one on Mac OS although the previous app list on previous versions of Apple IOS is sort of comparable to the one on Windows 10 where you can swipe to close the app or something. The Multitasking feature is another improvement with the addition of the Dock feature along with the Drag-and-Drop for IOS which is the same kind as you do on the computer.

Other improvements may include the improved App Store, Control Center, AirPlay 2, Maps that stay on course inside and outside and so on.

The new IOS version will be out in 19 September and it was announced alongside the Iphone 8 series and Iphone X. Speaking of Iphone X, there is an alternative to using Touch ID, the Face ID which is sort of like Windows Hello which came out on some Windows Phone devices two years ago before it was a real thing with Windows 10. The flaw as of this time according to Softpedia is that the Face ID is having the same bugs as Windows Hello as if the technical response isn’t that good and the removal of the Home button is already turning certain people off. Will there be a way to return back to the Home screen without the Home button? The only way to do this will be to swipe up from the bottom of the screen similar to the one from Nokia N9 and WebOS. There’s also the wireless charging and wireless earbuds for future IOS devices and I frowned upon the wireless earbuds in some past IT show or some sort, citing concerns that they wouldn’t be easy to pick up if you lost them. Not to mention that nobody uses those for public performance like club DJs for instance.

When the Iphone X comes out next month or perhaps, November, I may expect those flaws to be fixed although I have no opinion about wireless charging feature as of this time lest I get dishonest or something.

Windows 10 Pro for Workstations

This one’s quite suited for enterprise use like designing and rendering 3DCGIs for CADs, games, 3D animation and the list goes on as rendering a whole 3D animation stuff with so much professional detail is extremely time-consuming and it takes up so much computing resources. The same can go for rendering a video like for making movies and such but then, such kinds of intensive projects being done by the studios had been with the use of advanced computers and this edition is either unnecessary or optional enhancement.

Unless you’re making something as intensive as the one stated above as an example, using this edition of Windows 10 for advanced gaming is a serious mockery among companies as it is extremely expensive. If you really want this edition that badly for your gaming computer, perhaps as an adult, you should plan things very carefully. If you’re a pre-adult, it is way obvious that a standard computer should be enough.

A server-grade PC can act as a server or an advanced workstation but to find such a computer that advanced is going to be quite tough and you’ll never find that kind of computer like that in the computer shops. Most of such computers are obviously for business use and the same can go for servers if you’re going to buy one and besides, they’re extremely expensive, even higher costs than the cost of gaming PCs you find in the shops.

This edition of Windows 10 has additional enhancements such as,

  • Resilient File System
  • Persistent Memory
  • Faster File Sharing
  • Expanded Hardware Support

This is quite useful for computers that use server-grade CPUs although you may end up using them as servers just because of those CPUs. In fact, there may as well be workstation edition of those CPUs so that they can fit those computers even better while keeping the client OS installed as intended.

The new edition of Windows 10 will be available as part of Fall Creators Update and what I previously knew about that update was that Powershell 2.0 would be obsolete in favor of newer version as well as SMB 1.0 which is what nobody should use for security safety.

Shikigami No Shiro/Castle of Shikigami on Steam

The external developers that made the IOS version two years ago ported the game to Steam this year but compared to IOS version which is decent in conversion as I saw the gameplay videos, the Steam version is a DIFFERENT DISASTER!

Presentation-wise, there isn’t so much support for external controllers and the control customization isn’t quite good. Not to mention that the conversion is bound to bring damage to people’s ears during the boss destruction sequence from the way it sounds when compared to the arcade version. The sound effects are messed up, the glow and ring effects are messed up and it should be simple enough to base the previous PC release which obviously uses 640X480 resolution with new HUD. Another thing that’s messed up is the Stage Clear text which obviously doesn’t have the glow effect at all when compared to the previous releases. The last problem is the port’s presentation in which the game uses HD resolutions for some reason instead of basing the previous PC release like Raiden III on Steam did. This causes the in-game graphics to be much more blurry than ever and there’s no reason to enhance them like making them sharper or some kind since the game originally came out for the G-NET system in the arcades. XIIStag on Steam and Xbox 360 is more or less decent when it comes to conversion but it misses some of the graphical effects as a result. Maybe they are too hard to emulate or some kind.

Speaking of XIIStag, there’s also XIIStag Limited on PC which uses 3D objects instead of 2D sprites but the game still looks exactly identical.

The plus side, you do get the decent translation and original voice acting as well as proper in-game presentation that matches the arcade original. The western Playstation 2 release known as Mobile Light Force 2 surely butches the translation, voice acting, scripts, presentation and various parts of game publishing like the title screen has nothing to do with the actual game for instance. So, both the Steam and western Playstation 2 releases are kind of mediocre at best and finding other versions released in Japan will be extremely tough. The IOS version is decent at best from what I saw but it’s not the same for the Steam version. The sequel already improves things a little in the west with proper game title and title screen.

Rez Infinite

Perhaps, I find the release to be strange at first since the main graphics are not remade whatsoever and the effects are still blurry like they belong to the original Dreamcast-era. The only enhancement would be high-definition vector graphics and UIs for the previous release on XBLA as Rez HD. The Playstation 4 and PC releases add their own exclusive stuffs like Area X for instance which is actually new and makes full potential on what next generation can do as made with Unreal Engine 4.

In Area X, you get to see better effects and tons of particles all over like Child of Eden as well as the fact that the game supports VR optionally for both the main game and Area X.

There are also gaming events where VR is being tested through various projections with Rez Infinite being played by people that way. Those events might be technically experimental at the time although I don’t know if you would still need the VR headset or not.

The famous man behind Rez, had already left Q Entertainment to form his own game company which is Enhance or something and he eventually worked on the Playstation 4 and Steam versions of Rez under Rez Infinite. The were other companies involved with him as well and especially that his other games like Lumines and Meteos no longer belonged to Q Entertainment anymore. There might be a modern mobile game of Lumines that famously collaborated with Ultra Music or something since the DJ festival event took place like last year or some kind in Japan. There’s also some addon accessory for Rez Infinite for you to experience the music yourself and needless to say, VR is not required for it.

Ultra Street Fighter II

If Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix isn’t enough, how about Ultra Street Fighter II? Unfortunately, the title is kind of misleading or some kind like there’s a lack of Ultra Moves or some kind in addition to Super Moves. Not to mention that the game’s Way of Hado has some kind of experimentation problem when it comes to game development like it acts out like a motion-control rail-shooter or some kind. To use analog sticks to move in any direction as well as to use motion controls for attacks is what a first-person action game should be and especially for VR gaming but for characters like Ryu, some of the moves are impossible to pull off in that kind of VR gaming unless the game makes use of the Kinect for full body usage in addition to using VR controllers for moving the character around.

Another problem is that in Classic Mode, not all things are in retro form like the Character Select Screen, VS Screen, Winner and Continue Screens, HUD and the game endings. Even the retro-style intro is missing in this remake as well. All you get is the modernized intro for the game and that’s that. There’s also the modern intro for Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix but too bad it’s not used as something’s amiss with it. The last problem is the inaccurate stage design in Modern Mode when compared to the one in Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix which is more accurate. Sure, the Modern Mode uses more accurate arranged music and voices from Street Fighter IV but it doesn’t mean that there can be inaccuracies in the modern remake. The Classic Mode retains the retro-style graphics, sound, music and voices via the CPS2 days.

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite

From what I saw about the gameplay in action from Angry Joe’s YouTube channel, there were some impressions so far. The graphics were done with Unreal Engine 4 similar to Street Fighter V and King of Fighters XIV although people were already displeased with the way the graphics were done and especially for the character models and voices. The effects were fine for the engine alone but then, when it comes to cartoon-ish graphics done in Unreal Engine, there could be various shaders to make things cartoon-ish while retaining the coolness of the effects like what Arc System Works did with Guilty Gear Xrd and the upcoming Dragon Ball fighting game that uses Unreal Engine 4 itself.

Perhaps, it might be a mistake that way at first but the things is, the graphics of Marvel vs Capcom 3 are already in the same style as Street Fighter IV and Tatsunoko vs Capcom in which the cartoon-ish shaders are not used at all when it comes to 3D graphics. The only things that look comical are that certain screens like the Winner screen, Character Select Screen, Ending scenes, etc. look like something out of comic books. Perhaps, those aren’t necessary for previous Marvel vs Capcom games but then, there should be comical feel in upcoming Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. Even the cinematic cutscenes are going in a different direction as well as if the game’s not following the comic-style concept or some kind. Another problem is the art style in addition to how the characters are 3D modelled as stated above. I don’t know if the criticism for this game is worse than the one for King of Fighters XIV or not but thankfully.

Also, the amount of characters is quite lower than in Marvel vs Capcom 3 but then, the game still has yet to be released sometime this month so we’re not sure about the overall amount by the time of the game’s release.

In fact, I don’t even know if the game will have the Arcade Mode or not as the compensation for the incompetence Capcom has but to make Story Mode even more important like that than the Arcade Mode in terms of Capcom’s game development is like they care less for the Arcade Mode like they do for Street Fighter V. Street Fighter V STILL doesn’t have Arcade Mode as of the present time but to make it ABSENT for the consumer system versions isn’t going to make any sense. In fact, that game also has the option to turn on or off the fight interruption when it comes to Single Player modes. That feature has been way to effective for fighting games in the arcades and it gets even more effective for fighting games on Nesica X Live 2 service with online matches as if going through various Single Player modes like Arcade Mode is not quite easy without getting interrupted. But taking out Arcade Mode for whatever reason is INEXCUSABLE! Not to mention that the arcade business part of Capcom has been doing well or something that it makes complaints about lack of finances obsolete after awhile as if the company has enough money to buy additional development kits for future main games.

Once again, it is INEXCUSABLE to take out Arcade Mode for fighting games like you and other players don’t care for it! It is one COMMON AND STARTER GAME MODE for pretty much many of those arcade-style games regardless of the platforms! Furthermore, people expect sufficient content for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite when compared to the lackluster from Street Fighter V. Hell, even King of Fighters XIV has sufficient content like sufficient characters along with actual Arcade Mode which is called Story Mode. It is so successful that it also gets a proper arcade and Steam releases.