Bishi Bashi Channel

Sure, Museca isn’t quite original in terms of cabinet design and gameplay that it is one of the controversial music games Konami had made for the arcades but there’s an official news stating that it is going to be discontinued at the end of this month in favor of Bishi Bashi Channel which recently came out last week. I suppose that it’s a good move this time for some reasons.

  1. The controversy can be undone with the discontinuation of Museca although what cannot make the controversy undone is that there will be an offline version of the game. It’s a similar fate to Future TomTom and Dance Evolution Arcade getting offline kits and licenses. Well, without them, the game will be useless at the end of the support period. You can’t even start the game at all as it uses E-Amusement Participation service in which the game must be online and supported to start but the offline kits and licenses remove this requirement.
  2. This marks the return of Bishi Bashi series ever since the last game that started in the arcades in Japan and Asia 9 years ago. Bomberman already made a comeback with a few recent Bomberman games and it’s the same for Bishi Bashi series although Konami did the wrong thing with Metal Gear Survive which continues its franchise in a wrong way.
  3. From what I’ve seen, Konami has done the right thing this time with Bishi Bashi Channel. The Bishi Bashi has some disturbing parts like the use of Otomedius characters but that’s for the Japanese version. The Asian version uses Beatmania IIDX characters for that mini-game instead and even then, some mini-games like that are unspeakably stupid.

There might be English versions of the previous Bishi Bashi games in some Asian countries in the arcades as well as the European releases of the ones for consumer systems although the Asian arcade releases of some Bishi Bashi games are fully voiced when compared to English Playstation releases of Bishi Bashi Special series.

Those who have been playing Museca are likely to feel disappointed over its discontinuation but to cuss Konami over this without knowing that one other franchise is making a comeback is outright ignorant. Nostalgia for the arcades proved to be Keyboardmania’s return and spiritual successor like a manageable game so it’s another good move for me.

Some of the mini-games in Bishi Bashi Channel are direct references to various Bemani rhythm games and such appearances have been around ever since the previous Bishi Bashi games with DDR and Guitarfreaks mini-games. This has the mini-games based on Beatmania IIDX and Sound Voltex although the Sound Voltex one is more like something straight out of Sega’s Ongeki than Sound Voltex itself until the end part. One funny mini-game is the one that makes the Somebody Scream meme official where you stack up multiple ice-creams while the music still goes. Unfortunately, the Beatmania IIDX related mini-game is shoehorned with the weird and stupid ch**r squad part but its in-game UI and Stage Result screens are quite good looking and even then, this is one thing that suits some BMS Players like Lunatic Rave 2 or something else better than the actual games as Beatmania IIDX is supposed to be a DJ-themed rhythm game where you expect some electronic music but no, you don’t get that music in that mini-game.

Other mini-games are not quite new as they first appeared in previous Bishi Bashi games in addition to the new ones exclusive to Bishi Bashi Channel. There’s also the grading system which changes depending on how well you do as well as the player-saving feature which I guess if you do well, you may have saved the other players who can’t make it. Like the previous Bishi Bashi games, you must fulfill the stage objectives and there’s no rule in outscoring other players like in The Bishi Bashi.

Lastly is the game’s official art that has two hosts and the other characters on it. I guess that this kind of art brings you back to the time when Arcana Heart 3 Love Max came out in the arcades and on consoles and computers.

If there are flaws in the Bishi Bashi series, it will have to be regarding some mini-games that are unspeakably stupid. Plus, some of the mini-games don’t end until you run out of mini-game lives. Maybe there should be a timer to make things quite fair or something. Another flaw of Bishi Bashi Channel is that there’s only one E-Amusement Pass Reader and it can be confusing to know which player side belongs to who or some sort. Many other games have multiple E-Amusement Pass Readers for each player side but this one has ONE E-Amusement Pass Reader and FOUR-Player support. Perhaps, I can assume that Bishi Bashi Channel has like two flaws but it’s still made the series a great return in the arcades.


Sisters Royale for Switch

This year, Alfa System had made a comeback with a new shmup on Switch as part of celebrating the company’s 30th anniversary. The game is a whole lot like Castle of Shikigami series but with some differences. Firstly, the bosses are actually other playable characters including the man the main characters are competing for. Secondly, there doesn’t seem to be 2-player support along with other modern presentation features like online leaderboards. Third, the characters are on the ground like Cave’s Guwange and some NES Hudson Soft shmup where you can move around on the ground and jump on the platform. Lastly, there’s no voice acting whatsoever. So, the presentation is akin to an indie computer game or perhaps an arcade game of the early 2000s.

Story concept-wise the 5 playable characters are competing for a man for some reason like date for instance. It may have been suited for fighting games but then, the stages are not in random order no matter which character you play as and the final boss takes place in the final stage as well. The second flaw is the lack of voice acting, online leaderboard and 2-player support. At least, you can switch to Vertical Mode and customize the controls unlike the Zerodiv ports of Psikyo games on Switch where there doesn’t seem to be a way to customize the controls. Third flaw is how the explosions are programmed improperly like they tend to disappear out of the blue over whichever character you’re playing as along with the shots you’re using at the enemies.

One thing to remember is that when it comes to a fighting game about fighters competing for a love interest, the tournament is assumed to be a trap. You’re already better off finding girlfriend/boyfriend the other way but what if multiple people have the same interest as you in that particular person? Also, the game’s subtitle is quite wacky at best and who knows if that man is either the crush of those 5 sisters or maybe their brother? Things went on for like 1000 years according to the game’s story and the game’s ending takes place a year later but again, I can barely read the story so I barely know what’s going on. Lastly, this isn’t like the other games that have the word, Battle Royale in the game’s title. The game could make more sense as a game of other game genre but shmup though, maybe a versus shmup may make closer sense like SNK’s Twinkle Star Sprites.

As of this writing, the game was recently released in Japan digitally on Switch like last week or something. It’s been a long time since the third Castle of Shikigami game and there was like no momentum whatsoever for the series sometime after the third game and the recent releases of the original Castle of Shikigami on IOS & Steam regained the momentum like a little bit as that time, people were already into other modern shmup games, like Cave shmup games ported to consoles, mobile and Steam, Crimzon Clover which is one badass Cave-style indie game which can be bought on GOG and Steam, Raiden V and Caladrius by Moss and of course other indie shmup games that have the professional game platform releases like Exception, Trouble Witches, Resogun, Super Stardust, etc.

Like Success Corporation, Alfa System worked on other games that have more momentum although Success went in a different direction with a bunch of HTML5 web browser games ranging from casual games to games with similar replay value as modern mobile games.

Too Many Games convention with CWC

I bet that there are tons of flaws Christian/Christine Weston Chandler has in my thoughts and there are already tons of documentaries and wiki articles about him. And this time, it looks like he has plans to go to Too Many Games convention which is a gaming convention that takes place in Pennsylvania in June 22nd. I don’t know what kind of games will be there but it seems that certain famous people will be there too. Somehow, he claims that he’s invited to the event and from his video about it, he needs additional cash to go there as it is one expensive trip. However, I already have recent concerns about his immature behavior and his on-going financial crisis. It’s like he plans to go to various conventions with his defensive weapon in which he uses it at anyone who tries to mock him or deny his delusional claims. If he causes trouble at the conventions, it’s likely that he’ll get banned from attending anymore conventions of the same kind. If there’s one convention that requires that you have school or a job like Global Game Jam does, I can imagine that he will get around that prerequisite through forgery of Work Experience section like he did on his resume. As a paper of fill-able list of event attendees, the convention is still as fine as Global Game Jam is but to conduct computer database check to see if there’s any match of the school or company you’ve filled in may cause controversy as this is supposed to be like a roadshow for everyone, not just business people. Sure, it may be strong enough to prevent him from attending such convention but at the controversial level as he may find the person who’s come up with such controversy and do something to them.

Too Many Games convention contains tons of games to try as if the event is like a roadshow. Certain famous people like I already mentioned above will be there as well. Examples may include SomecallmeJohnny, James Rolfe from AVGN as well as the voice actors involved in the games, etc. How does Christian Weston Chandler claim that he’s invited to the event like it’s beyond me? He’s not one of the special guests according to the official website. Other special people invited include various bands and DJs like Crush 40, Hyperpotions, etc. Oh, even indie games will be shown at the event as well.

And by the way, you can get involved in the event as a volunteer known as Defender. It’s all about keeping the event running smooth and keeping Christian Weston Chandler’s behavior in check is one good reason to be involved as a volunteer like a security guard in case he causes trouble there but only if he’s coming there, otherwise, the volunteering is normal.

So, about the flaws Christian Weston Chandler has, here are the following:

  1. He had caused trouble in various gaming stores and shopping malls that he got himself banned but despite that he still went in there as if the fact that he got banned was like utter bullshit to him.
  2. He has the lack of responsibility, maturity, discipline, realization, alibi and principle. Worse thing is, he doesn’t care for maturity at all and blames on other kinds of people when he’s to blame for his actions.
  3. His delusion and obsession are unspeakably off the scale like he keeps on pretending to be a woman and especially that he has no plans to revert back to a man. Through his obsession, he even had the guts to take some celebrities and fictional characters for his sweethearts/spouses. This is one reason on why I had him blocked on social media and video sharing site.
  4. He had done a bunch of retarded stuffs like he doesn’t realize everything.
  5. Sales of his Soni*** comic franchise and other things related to it are illegal in the first place and somehow, this has been done for years. He even had the guts to sell stuffs that didn’t belong to him, angering his brother.
  6. The on-going E-Begging saga in which he uses the money donated to buy additional stuffs like toys, games and even pillows containing pictures of fictional characters.
  7. The forgery of his resume in which he even put in that comic franchise he’s been working on in the Work Experience section when in reality, it’s a fanmade stuff that cannot be profited. It’s been a few years without any professional employment whatsoever since his graduation from university.
  8. Taking Guitar Hero controllers for actual guitar, meaning that nobody wants to form a band with him, book him a band gig or even wants him in any existing band. Weeb-guitarist, anyone?

So the review score of Christian Weston Chandler is basically a 2/10 or even worse like he’s one of the worst nerds & worst S***c fans I’ve ever discovered. I guess that nothing is going to be the same anyone. An epic failure as a proper man with nearly no way to solve the on-going problems he has and his presence at conventions like Too Many Games is going to cause concerns among people and especially for conventions with cartoon shows suited for girls like My Little Pony, Dora the Explorer and especially for magical girl-themed cartoon shows for instance. What if those panels are for females-only? Will they kick him out should he enter those panels?

Muse Dash

As of this writing, the game should be out in IOS & Android in June 14 & June 15 respectively with the Steam and Switch versions to follow later. It is an indie game containing resources taken from various Japanese music and sound effect resource websites. Those sites are super-okay to use the music, sound effects or both for whatever content you’re making like a YouTube video, public performance (Some comedian happened to use some music from those sites), indie game development and so on. Just make sure you credit the sites you’re using those things from although commercial use can be a challenge. Prior to the game’s release on IOS & Android, there was already a beta-testing campaign for IOS version. I don’t know if that existed for Android version as well.

From what I saw of the gameplay videos, the style is quite funky looking and the gameplay may probably remind you of the other side-scrolling rhythm games where you have to hit those things to the music coming at you. Previous games I know of include Eat-beat Dead Spike and Legend of Dark Witch Episode Music: Rudymical although the latter is ruined with grunting to the music along with lack of other character attacks.

The Stage Clear BGM is surely familiar for me as it is one of the tracks taken from some Japanese music resource website. I don’t know where is it taken from exactly but I surely first heard it from the intro of some Voiceroid Let’s Play/Game Showcase videos. They look professionally made but music like that is quite indie-ish. There may be western sound effect resources I know of like,, etc. although I feel like there’s less guarantee in using those sounds from as certain sound effects are obviously used by companies in addition to indie content makers. I wonder if those sound effects are illegally uploaded there or something but it’s best not to use them out of my doubt.

The game has tons of characters to play as and there will be bosses in the middle of the songs to deal with. One downside is that you can actually tap them that causes them to look disturbed. Another downside of the game is the developer name in which the word, Pero, may mean, Lick. It’s a disgusting action from the sound of that word and people have been making such comments like that when it comes to some child characters like Platinum the Trinity from Blazblue franchise. I bet that there may be one of the characters from this game who behaves like that and one of the home screen quotes has her mentioning something like some service or whatnot. What were they thinking when they came up with the disturbing team name like that?

Anyway, this is one game I’ll be looking forward to once it comes out on mobile although the name of the developer group is a controversial one to me. I don’t know if that is an insult or not but there are better names to look through like Muse Software, the company that made games for past computers although it no longer existed in the past and of course, Muses from Persona 2 although they are produced by a bad guy so the story is a dark one.

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

The compilation probably says it all and it contains Street Fighter 1, 2, Alpha series and 3 series. Even Ultra Street Fighter IV will be included as a pre-order digital bonus included with the compilation although Playstation 4 already has that version all along and especially that Ultra Street Fighter IV is playable on Xbox One through backwards compatibilty. All versions in the compilation are probably based on the arcade versions although some of the games don’t have the Training Mode for some strange reason. Some have the Online Mode but the others don’t.

For Street Fighter III series, the second one, Second Impact, happens to have the true widescreen mode which can be enabled through the arcade operators menu although it is the only CPS-3 game to have that and the arcade system is 32-Bit-styled so having widescreen in 32-Bit arcade games is kind of rare. There’s also the widescreen support for certain Playstation 2, Gamecube and Xbox games. Music for Street Fighter III series is obviously from the arcade version so if you’re playing Street Fighter III Third Strike on consoles prior to the existence of this compilation, chances are that you hear the arranged soundtrack and especially for better quality sound effects and voices. The arcade version of Street Fighter III Third Strike is kind of too much or something to handle hence the lag or some sort it may seem to be due to the limitations of the RAM or something.

One cool thing that catches me the attention is that on the Game Selection screen, you get to see the arcade system the game is running on originally. To include Ultra Street Fighter IV in this compilation as a pre-order digital bonus is one challenge Capcom had faced. Obviously, it is a separate game and not part of the compilation. If it is, they will need additional rights from Taito to have the arcade systems the game’s running on in the list but I figure out that it’s unnecessary. This pre-order digital bonus applies to Playstation 4, Xbox One and Steam versions of the compilation which Playstation 4 and Steam owners will have those versions of Ultra Street Fighter IV with Xbox One owners receiving both Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition and Ultra Street Fighter IV through backwards compatibilty. Needless to say, as a pre-order stuff, it is obvious that it had to be done before the game’s release date.

On the Switch, the compilation comes with Super Street Fighter II The Tournament Battle which is in the arcades only where machines can be linked locally for tournament purposes.

Needless to say, I’m not a goodie at this game genre but then, I already had bought some other fighting games for the Playstation Vita.

Fighting EX Layer

The game sort of started off as an April Fools joke although it is too good to be a joke like next-generation graphics thanks to the usage of Unreal Engine 4 and how good the gameplay is. Further announcements then followed including the recent ones that the game’s going to be released late this month. It is said to be the spiritual successor to or perhaps a reboot of Street Fighter EX series as that series is made by Arika. This on the other hand is made by Arika without Capcom’s involvement. Perhaps, certain characters belong to Arika or something.

So far, the only platform will be the Playstation 4 and it’s going to take Arika additional money spent on development kits/tools for Steam and other platforms. It’s going to be an expensive feat if you ask me and especially for indie game developers who have bought the same development kits but different game creation tools. To release a game on multiple platforms may require more development kits and more costs.

Right now, there has been various off-topic stuffs coming in this month and who knows if we can get through the entirely of this month to see the game’s smooth release. The other game that is to be released late this month in Europe is Blazblue Cross Tag Battle which was already released in other countries.

Metal Slug XX Online

Another smartphone/tablet game based on the main classic arcade series of Metal Slug and the gameplay from what I’ve seen is a good one although I still have mixed feelings/opinions about spinoffs like this on mobile. I had played the previous mediocre spinoffs like King of Fighters 97 OL and Blazblue Revolution Reburning as well as showed the gameplay videos on my YouTube channel although the latter decided that it couldn’t work anymore quite smoothly on my tablet by taking up more resources than ever and I don’t know if migration of the game progress from one device to another works since I’ve never done that before. I might have done data migration from one computer to another over some hardware trouble like the defective laptop AC adapter for instance probably due to the home retards’ retarded influence like I don’t know what their motives are today as if they’re full of seeds of public troubles that are bound to happen without my or their consent.

Release date-wise, I was already too late to blog about Metal Slug XX Online but it seems that people are already more interested in the PS4 port of Metal Slug XX as Metal Slug XX Online was already released last year. The concerns I already have about Metal Slug XX Online include the whole stage (which is called the chapter) from the actual Metal Slug games divided into short-levels, the inaccurate movements of stuffs as well as the choppy sprite animation for effects and lastly, the level-progression type concept where you get to go through tons of levels in the game. I don’t know what kind of reason they have in implementing that concept like trying to increase the replay value for smartphone/tablet games.

The positive parts, remade HD graphics along with music taken from Metal Slug XX and you get to deploy multiple playable characters although you can play as one of them on screen. Unfortunately, when it comes to modern graphics, people are like complaining about them as if they prefer the old-school graphics. It may be the case for Metal Slug series but with the upcoming Megaman 11 for instance, that is where things have gone next-gen but again, there’s no guarantee in my opinion when it comes to a change like a switch to modern graphics.

Needless to say, I’m not a goodie at run-and-gun games and I can guess that even the mobile spinoff, Metal Slug XX Online, will be quite hard in further levels and it will be a big time-consuming game just like other games on smartphones/tablets are with tons of stuffs that increase replay value. The real danger to one’s behavior is again, the Microtransaction + Loot-Box features in mobile games as well as the large amount of mobile games installed on your tablets/smartphones or both. I actually completed like some of the mobile games in the past but there are other mobile games I still have to complete.

***** Gather Battle controversy

A fanmade S***c game made by someone from Taiwan with the use of Little Fighters 2 engine with the gameplay being reminiscent of ***** Battle on Game Boy Advance. It has tons of stages and music to choose from, mostly originating from those games in the franchise. It’s a fun game except that I discovered it late like this year or something. What attracted more people into discovering it was due to the fact that it has some malware.

The game started like tons of years ago until like a few years ago, the developer sort of freaked out upon discovering that his original character sprites were stolen. Unfortunately, the policy he set up was sort of negative. The sprites for the characters looked like the originals as if they were taken from The Spriters Resource or something and especially for fanmade ones made by others and yet he claimed them all to be his creation or some sort when they were actually made by the company or the fans. Another problem was that if you plan to cheat, mod or even hack the game, the malware would be activated and do some damage to the game even if you reinstall it. What it means is that the malware turns the game in unusual color and switches to the creepy music that is obviously from some game in the same franchise. The registry is modified and some parts of the game are modified permanently to make it unplayable.

Even worse is that you can’t play the game in the virtual machine as it is smart enough to refuse to run. Not to mention that you need to be CONNECTED TO THE INTERNET TO PLAY, as well as to run the game as an Administrator. I don’t know the reason on why do you need to run a fanmade game as an Administrator to fix something that prevents it from running but normally, a fanmade game doesn’t require this kind of permission to run. And by the way, internet connection requirement for gaming has been around ever since the MMORPG days but it’s spread to other kinds of games as well like today’s modern arcade games mostly from Konami for instance as well as other game genres that provide MMO experience. This fanmade game on the other hand, I don’t know what to explain about it. By right, there should be Multiplayer and Single Player game modes but I don’t know if Little Fighters 2 today has Online Multiplayer support. For modern arcade games nowadays, it is unnecessary to require internet connection to start up but it is one bonus feature to prevent piracy or something. Another useful thing in modern games being online is that your player data will be stored on the game servers as well as the fact that they offer online multiplayer and other features that are online exclusive. The same requirement goes for games on IOS & Android nowadays in which you need to be connected to the internet at all times or you can’t proceed any further. Unlike modern arcade games today where you can go smoothly offline, there’s no way you can proceed further easily in IOS & Android games unless they offer offline support in which they are entire playable without needing internet connection.

Interestingly enough, the external actions were at the beginning 4 years ago in which administrator permissions were still needed to run the game although what they did was to make the log file in the drivers folder. Not to mention that the malware was effective like 2 years ago according to some wikis.

The way things work when starting the game are that the game contacts the server like asking for permission to run as well as to check the local conditions stored on the computer to see if the game will still activate them. Firstly, the game secretly opens some site to send your computer’s IP to the developer’s server which he can use that collection to alter or disable the game based on the conditions downloaded secretly to. Secondly, the game checks the Google Search history on your computer as well as to alter the registry without your consent. Lastly, there’s the API call for raw HDD access to see if you try to hack, mod or even cheat in the game. Of course, cheats and hacks are more or less bad in video gaming but to go against modding is another question. If you get caught searching for hacks or cheats for this fanmade game, there’s a chance that the game will close the browser window itself. Not to mention that other things will be modified and activated.

The only way to undo this bullshit is to contact the developer and prove that you are innocent and your computer will be whitelisted. Basically from the beginning, the game contacts the server and the server does something to the game data and further technical actions will be done to the game and your computer if you plan to look up hacks, cheats or mods for the game online. I guess that some of the stuffs are activated from the server or whatnot so the chances of reverse engineering this like trying to take out all the bullshit are difficult. I don’t know if doing OS re-install or System Restore is going to help revert the computer back to the pre-infection phase or not.

Since the developer is situated in Taiwan, there wasn’t any excuse not to use the English language and English voice acting. I wonder where did he learn Japanese from if that’s the case? Also, the team is getting new developers for this fanmade game although I don’t know if there will be promises to take out all that bullshit.

Speaking of Google Search history, I’m not sure if other search engines will be affected by that game like searching the same things on Bing, Duckduckgo, etc. but it is wrong to violate people’s privacy through data collection, system monitoring and other stuffs.

In my opinion, the privacy violation just because the sprites are stolen or whatnot is akin to a cyber-crime. Not to mention the use of Japanese language along with Japanese voice acting had already made the developer look like a radicalized fan of the franchise. There are sprite-sheets taken from the game and posted to Deviantart so that anyone can use them without any worry although they are ripped from the older version of the game. One interesting discovery, some of the sprite-sheets contain sprites taken from other games as well like the giant fire shield-like bomb effect from Cave’s Progear.

If there’s a controversial side of a fanbase in which some of the fans had committed some crimes over a particular game franchise, it’s probably the S***c franchise or perhaps those famous AAA game franchises. There was already a case like that 4 years ago over S***c Boom’s release although the imprisonment of the fan who damaged the Gamestop store displays of that game wasn’t enough or some sort and he also caused similar trouble at Walmart like using the same spray there over being banned from visiting the store again or something. Even as a fan of the franchise you like, it’s best that you behave yourself like a decent person. It’s rare for anyone to tell you to behave yourself over a particular stuff or place.

General Data Protection Regulation in Europe to be effective this Friday

A new regulation in which every company has to comply will be effective this Friday and it’s a good news for privacy advocates. It doesn’t matter where we live but we already know this from emails, news and other sources like mail subscription where we receive emails posted by the companies on regular basis like every week or something for instance and there was one time where companies we’ve email-subscribed to would inform us of this upcoming regulation.

To continue receiving such news through email like that from companies, it is obvious that we need to opt in to do so.

Microsoft on the other hand has extended the compliance to users around the globe in addition to users in Europe as they had done tons of wrong things in the past regarding privacy violation like the ones done with Windows 10 which caused a bunch of lawsuits to be thrown at them for instance. By extending the compliance, Microsoft has another regulation to comply which is Data Subject Rights which include what data to collect, to correct that data, to delete it and even take it to somewhere else.

Even Apple will comply with this new regulation which is a good one for instance as they had established a website called Data Privacy Website where you can see, download and delete the data that is stored on the server. The opportunity will be extended to the rest of the globe although the opportunity is already available to users in Europe at this moment.

Perhaps, it’s best to respect the privacy of the users from local and foreign countries and there are already scenarios that even cyber-criminals violate users’ privacy regarding of where the users live. This is something people have to be aware of.

YouTube Partnership Program update

A month ago or something, one of the YouTubers had the guts to make a video vow to cause the violent trouble at YouTube headquarters over the new YouTube Partnership Program that affected many of the small channels including mine. Her videos were de-monetized as part of the change and that angered her into accusing YouTube of censorship or something. It’s a wrong way to demand the people behind the change to make a bunch of explanations. Even if they explain something, they still feel threatened. The incident involved the female suspect who was confirmed dead from self-inflicted wound after having opened fire at the YouTube headquarters.

Sure, people didn’t like the change that YouTube planned a few months ago but it doesn’t mean someone can go there and cause trouble like that. It also doesn’t mean that someone can make a bunch of online threats like that as they and their actions can be tracked upon the victims finding out the vows of threats made on the net. In fact, there was a similar but non-violent case that occurred 4 years ago in which a suspect was arrested for having damaged the shop property which was the game display and pepper-sprayed the employee of Gamestop over unacceptable change of the core portion of some parts of the product franchise. However, such topic like that can be saved for the next article as there are tons of things about him. Perhaps, this is due to the high-profile scandals YouTube would eventually go stricter than before.