Soundcloud closure?

Turns out that was something we shouldn’t worry about when it comes to Soundcloud. According to the latest news, it seemed that they had changed CEO with the founder taking on the role of the chairman overseeing the company as he is the founder. Having been the CEO for a long time, he decided to let the other person take over the company as the new CEO after the layoffs. The new CEO of Soundcloud is the one from Vimeo.

At first, when seeing the news about the layoff taking place at Soundcloud, people were worried about the company’s closure at the end of summer in which the resourceful music would be gone for good that the artists would have to submit their music elsewhere. The website also includes a bunch of unofficial remixes, mashups, covers to say a few and indeed, I already had tons of unofficial remixes/mashups. Obviously, it is illegal to use them for public performance like the DJ gigs or something even if the ones who did them had given credits whatsoever. One of the tips for the source for legal public performance is the DJ record pools where DJs can take music from there and use them for the gig, provided that they pay the amount every month as part of monthly subscription.

I’m not into financing and investment stuffs but it seemed that the investors, The Raine Group and Temasek, had wrapped up the largest financing round with Soundcloud in its history. Through public pressure, the founder of Soundcloud says that the company is here to stay and that your musical work isn’t going anywhere after the summer is over. They may have enough money to keep the company resources going for the time being but…


There might be workarounds from various DJ blogging sites like Digital DJ Tips, DJ Techtools, etc. in case of Soundcloud’s closure like posting your remixes/mashups to YouTube, long mixes to Mixcloud, etc. Suffice to say, there are already tons of remixes/mashups/arrangements I made available in my blog, my YouTube account and my Soundcloud account. When it comes to music, the worry might be that big at first when it came to Soundcloud’s closure but then, news about Soundcloud’s closure isn’t the only kind. There may be other things that will be obsolete for real in the future, unlike Soundcloud.

Disney sued for spying on kids through mobile apps

What was Disney thinking when making those apps suited for children? There may be tons of mobile apps that open doors to collecting too much information and especially that you’re not able to adjust the permission in earlier Android OSes for instance.

According to Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act by FTC, parents must give permission before information is collected by the apps aimed at kids but is Disney’s violation of it such a case?

From the victim parent’s claims, it appears that Disney and its partners didn’t disclose the information about letting parents know about the data collection, in which the parent, Amanda Rushing, claims that it is a serious violation of the privacy and highly offensive. The lawsuit was already filed against Disney and they were ready to deal with the case in court.

It’s not the first kind of news about the kids’ privacy being violated through the products suited for them.

BLU smartphones banned in Amazon over spyware issues (Posted in 5 August in Blogger)

Update: A recent news update had indicated that things were already safe for the sales of BLU smartphone to resume at Amazon as if it all turned out to be a false alarm.

A bigger lesson than the one for Windows 10 was learnt as the spyware technology was removed in the devices. However, from the deeper report from the researchers, the data collection is still there via the telemetry in which the data collected is stored in the servers in China. Furthermore, the researchers have fears and concerns of security risks for servers in China.

Another concern is that the BLU smartphones are banned from sales by Amazon as it may seem to be an offense to Amazon like selling a phone, tablet, set-top-box, a computer or any other computing device pre-loaded with spyware is an illegal act and an individual, group or a company can be in deep trouble for that sort of sale.

It is controversial ever since last year in which those smartphones were pre-loaded with spyware but until the illegal data collection is completely removed including the telemetry, there will be no point in getting them available according to Amazon.

Offensive domain name on Arch Linux

Some host used an offensive domain name or domain mirror address for one of the Arch Linux packages in the repository. I don’t know which repository contained such offensive in one of the packages but this is an act of suspicious distribution to the server for victims to download/install without realizing something.

Perhaps, that person/host had done, fucked it up! It’s a serious trouble he had landed into without realizing it! For an offensive reference taking place in the IT-land, it takes us back to the days of Mirai-Botnet where such bad acts had been done with some cartoonish references. Cartoonish reference, indeed, the name of the botnet and the nickname of the culprit referenced various J-cartoons but here, the offensive domain name has the reference to under-aged kids according to the Urban dictionary.

Obviously, who knows the true motive of the host behind the offensive domain name like people think that he wants to sell fictional under-aged characters online or something. But if you want to put in some J-cartoon stuff as part of the IT product, THEN DO THE GOOD THINGS LIKE COLLATERAL DAMAGE STUDIOS DID WITH PROMOTING INTERNET EXPLORER A FEW YEARS AGO! Like, I don’t know how could someone use the J-cartoon reference thingy to do a bunch of bad things in the IT-land. Such bad actions like the ones stated above could essentially land the baddies like that host in deep trouble, a trouble THAT’S WORSE THAN A HOT SPRING SOMEONE WILL PANIC IN!

To the host whose nickname is ‘Alucard’, that doesn’t even count as a nickname due to the complete lack of originality. And to even DARE TO DEFEND this offensive domain of choice like the offended users are whining or something, the punishment awaits regardless of this kind of mistake and damage done! Perhaps, that host is heavily obsessed or something that he comes up with this sort of domain name. Plus, I don’t know if that person is actually working for some ISP in Portugal or not and especially that he mentions things like freedom of speech in a wrong way. Maybe his freedom method is a wrong one.

It’s not the first time someone in the community was offended. The previous time was regarding the license code and certain of them can be offensive although they are randomly generated by the system and offending codes were likely to be removed by the organization. What about the offending names, has someone reported them?

To make things as professional as possible is a good thing and especially for everything written down on the Arch Linux official website including the names of the packages, domains, repositories and even codenames. But it’s not like Arch Linux and its derivatives will be on the tracking list all because of offensive stuffs like the offensive domain name as if the host by the nickname of ‘Alucard’, will be tracked down after weeks, months or even years. To tamper with the domain names that lead to the official sources by changing redirection path or to make some offensive domain names that lead to the same source is already bad enough but I have a fear in my mind like what if someone tampers with the system component files inside the ISO and then redistributes that modification to the official download source? That kind of fear IT-persons have is a lesson for themselves, NOT to install, distribute, deploy or even bundle such radicalized packages/features/components to various computer devices regardless of whether they are for home use, personal use, school use or even work use. Since some package was considered radicalized due to the offending domain name, you may as well find a more professional domain that leads to the clean package to install.

And of course, I have the new terms, W**b-Domainer and W**b-Package-Includer:

  • W**b-Package-Includer: The person who includes the package in the OS ISO image that has the offensive references to the cartoons.
  • W**b-Domainer: The person who makes a domain and/or directs users to it containing the offensive references to the cartoons, turning users into victims.

For me, I don’t use Arch Linux but this is one important lesson people should learn.

By SilveryFJ Posted in Linux

Windows 10 S

Whether it’s Chrome OS on Chromebooks or Windows 10 S for educational use, you’re pretty much out of luck as they happen to contain the privacy violation stuff that cannot be disabled. You may as well study traditionally if you will and even then, your own electronics are obviously not allowed in schools. In tertiary schools like universities, it may be a different story.

Windows 10 S is said to allow apps from Windows Store to be opened whether it’s a Modern UI app or a Win32 app. Problem is, anything outside of that won’t be opened and the worse thing is that the computers using Windows 10 S are unlikely to be using ARM-based processors. Windows 10 computers and tablets with ARM-based processors using Windows 10 Mobile will soon open doors to using X86 apps although it can be a bigger disaster for Windows Phones as many of the traditional apps are not touch-friendly.

Citrix’s Receiver is a bigger rescuing solution. It allows you to use X86 apps on Windows 10 Mobile, Surface Hub, Hololens, IOTs and even Windows 10 S devices. It is useful for tablets, Surface Hub, IOTs and of course Windows 10 S computers but for Windows 10 S computers, the only handy thing about this solution is that students can go to Chrome, Google search engine, Microsoft Office desktop version and other tools needed depending on the course taken. But still, Windows 10 Education Edition is a better bet than Windows 10 S when it comes to educational use in tertiary schools and policies like GPOs still have to be implemented as part of computer deployment for school use.

What about computer labs in elementary and middle schools then? Will they use Windows 10 S or what? I may be sure that edutainment software is NOT likely to be compatible with Windows 10 S so the Education edition is a BETTER CHOICE FOR THOSE COMPUTER LABS!

I’m sure that there are still IT technicians handling computer stuffs in schools regardless of the educational level of whatever school they’re in like they handle the policies, student accounts, software for educational uses and even the edition of the OS for educational purpose. Hell, there’s even the school network but depending on the school, either the student’s computer gets it connected by the technicians or maybe it’s a computer in the lab that is immobilized already set up by them.

Privacy protection-wise, you can choose to exclude the default Modern apps but the problem is that Command Prompt or Powershell WON’T BE SUPPORTED! It is good that way considering the fact it is an edition for educational use and prohibition of those tools is due to user misuse or some kind in which one specific stuff will deliver greater technical damage without the student’s knowing. Not even Linux OSes obtained from the Windows Store will be supported as well as if they’re too complicated or something.

Lastly, upgrades to Pro edition are reasonable in tertiary schools but there are already hopes and lessons in keeping students cautious on what to do and what not to do to the school computers. There are already better solutions for educational uses out there like using Chromebooks or perhaps using Windows 10 Education Edition. Even better about Windows 10 Education Edition is that it is based on Windows 10 Enterprise so that the IT Professionals in schools have full control. Hell, there’s even the Pro Education Edition which removes Windows Store, Windows Spotlight and Cortana by default. At least you won’t see any student making some stupid noise or nonsense to Cortana that way, otherwise, the main fault may go to the IT people who allow Cortana to be enabled.

Ransomware that caused global cyber attack (Originally posted in May 15)

This is a big one that happened globally this month and it put the previous malware attacks to shame during the Windows XP days and especially that even my previous computer was infected back then with things popping up out of nowhere, indecent computer performance due to something running in the background and other things that slow the computer down. That ransomware is called, the Wannacry/Wannacrypt, or whatever you may want to call it. I guess that it is both a ransomware and a worm, demanding victims to pay up to decrypt the data and get it back and the cyber attack spread so quickly like wildfire as a worm. I have some guesses that the attackers have the most mischievous and childish behavior. To put an end to their future one day may cause a serious emotional reaction from them like they can deny whatever childish shit they did. Anyway, there won’t seem to be a point in paying up to get your data back but the best thing is that such attacks shouldn’t happen to your computer in the first place. By having to pay up to the attackers, there may be a chance for them to plan another attack.

The cyber attack targeted systems running Windows including the servers and even embedded systems. I AM NOT KIDDING about even embedded systems becoming the victims! It had targeted tons of organizations including the standard users and the solutions by the tech companies and security researchers were already outpaced by the attackers by this time with the new version of the attack that goes against the kill switch.

Generally, without data backup, security patches and even the latest virus database, you’re already screwed if your data is encrypted by the attackers. What do you do when that happens? Do you reinstall Windows or something? Even using the other hard drive isn’t going to help and don’t bother paying up the ransom.

This isn’t the ordinary cyber attack everyone has discovered as the attackers might have used the tools that were leaked from National Security Agency. The tools were leaked by another cyber-attack group called The Shadow Brokers, without the agency’s knowledge but from the amount of exploits discovered by Microsoft, they were fixed with patches you should get via Windows Update. Originally, before the leak, the tools had been used for surveillance but the leakage already opened doors for other cyber-attackers and investigation is going to take months or years to find the culprits behind the attacks.

Right now, I’m not infected with this cyber catastrophe but being vigilant from cyber-attacks is one important key as there’s a chance of the malware being evolved after the solutions are discovered or something for instance.

Lastly, about embedded systems infected by this, there are already such cases like in these picture tweets for instance:

Do you expect the manufacturers to deploy the patched OS in addition to the main embedded programs? You can call the staffs about such non-ordinary technical problems you’ve seen but the thing is, are they able to take technical actions like that? In case of arcade staffs, reinstalling the OS along with the latest update of the game isn’t going to drive that ransomware away. WHERE IS THE FIREWALL FOR THOSE MACHINES? Will the games still work without lag while the firewall stuff is running? And do you include the firewall and antivirus software in the Windows embedded system? Jeez, when the Windows embedded machine starts, either it goes to the desktop mode awaiting commands from the user, or it starts up the program automatically after login. By the way, the tweets are entirely in Korean and the cyber-incidents took place at some arcades in Korea but I hope that I don’t see such bullshit in the local arcades as well.

It’s a cyber catastrophe at a global level and if the culprits behind it are not found ASAP, who knows what will happen next?

One more thing I forgot to mention is about disabling the SMB as the workaround to this extraordinary cyber threat. In addition, Microsoft already had released the important security patches that you should apply like I already did. Well, I sort of patched my computer with the April and May security rollup patches but it seemed that I wasn’t able to get the January one. Not to mention that even Windows Defender/Microsoft Security Essentials has the latest virus database so it looked like Microsoft said that Windows 10 users are secure with it and the security patches. However, there is a fear/worry that this safeness will not last long. I can also hope that even the editions of Windows that don’t support running EXE files should be patched as well. Lastly, needless to say, catching cyber-criminals is no easy task. Not only is the investigation taking months to years or something, but also the fact that they have to be careful in tracking down the cyber-criminals without violating people’s privacy. Violating people’s cyber-privacy is unacceptable even by mistake as there will be lawsuits against organizations or perhaps cyber-criminals.

NES Classic Edition

Well, the NES Classic Edition console was apparently discontinued this year after its launch last year with huge demands that it quickly sold out. The flaws as we knew them were strong like the lack of the ability to play any NES/Famicom games besides the pre-given ones along with the fact that everything is all stored on the ROM with no storage device whatsoever. There should be an internal storage SOMEWHERE in the console but no, it’s like a modern NES-on-a-chip system but superior than any NES clones you can find due to decent emulation when compared to the one from Virtual Console on 3DS, Wii and Wii U. Hell, you can also use the Wii U controller for NES Classic Edition but obviously, another flaw involved the short cord of the controller and it’s even worse for Mini Famicom since the cord is part of the console and you can’t use the Wii U controller as the alternative.

Also, the controllers are said to have some disabled features for the Mini Famicom in addition to the cartridge slot being fake. Even if you make it real like it can be opened or something, the board itself is completely different.

One cool fact about the system is that it uses the Linux Kernel that there may be some chances for hacks or whatnot. While it allows for the addition of other NES/Famicom games, the downside is that the hacks have been done for illegal purposes like allowing the games for other systems to be run on NES Classic Edition. How about using any Linux distribution on that system? It’s not easy as the console doesn’t have the NON-READ-ONLY storage for that. If only the console has micro-SD card slot or perhaps the USB port for storages, there should be a technical chance.

Lastly, to discontinue the console like that has made people think, “What’s the point of releasing this in the first place?” And the worse thing is that Nintendo bounds to repeat this campaign with SNES Classic Edition that will be released this holiday.

Windows 10 China Government Edition

The conditions had been fulfilled by Microsoft so far with this special edition of Windows 10 based on the Enterprise Edition for China government. It surely fits well as if the OS based on Enterprise Edition is for government work and it features full customization to the features ranging from privacy, group policy, updates and even features suited for business. What will satisfy the government the most is that the telemetry is turned off by default and that the government will make use of its own encryption feature.

For computers that will have this edition of Windows 10 for government use, Lenovo is the first to announce that they will be manufacturing their PCs containing this edition for the government but as of this present time, one such computer still has yet to be made available.

While this edition has made and fulfilled technical promises for the government, the same promise doesn’t go to normal consumers using Pro and Home editions of Windows 10. The Enterprise edition surely has brought full control for businesses but according to some research by Mark Burnett, it appears that even if you turn off those tracking features for privacy, there’s still connectivity going on with the purpose of telemetry. The best solution so far will be to get the Enterprise Edition LTSB version of Windows 10 which doesn’t have all the bloaty stuff pre-installed including the fact that there’s no naggy advertisement whatsoever telling you to use the default products like Windows Defender, Onedrive, Bing and even Edge. One problem though, Enterprise Edition including its LTSB counterpart is for BUSINESS use and getting that for your personal use is going to get business people ostracized and somehow, the forms had changed recently when it comes to evaluating Enterprise Edition for test use or something.

Lastly, I could sense a bunch of ignorant users whining to many of the tech news on social media or the sites themselves over this good news. Like what is disgusting about it, anyway? It’s like they thought that the tech news sites were starting to go off-topic at times like those sites were going incompetent even though it’s a mixture of technology and other stuff. Besides, it’s already useless telling those sites to take down this kind of tech news article over some whiny dis-trust.

The verdict of this news is that it’s a good one since this edition of Windows 10 has fulfilled the promises for the China government and that we expect the same amount of promise for other editions of Windows 10.

Waterway Point Shopping Mall Part 2 – May Edition

Frankly, I’ve been sick and tired of that eating spree BULLSHIT they repeated on me ever since the last month and things had gotten worse with that idiotic trash from my home wanting to land me into whatever troubles she’s caused. Not to mention, one technical trouble after another besides the non-technical ones like the charging cable’s end being pulled out of physical contact and my computer’s power adapter is going whiny and loose like it won’t make any electrical contact from the inside. Do I have future plans to get those things replaced?

One contrary was that I’ve been a customer of the shops I buy things from like I shouldn’t worry about anything bad stated above in the first place but things took for a worse on the second trip. Not only was the home renovation still on-going but also I feared that that troublemaker had the guts to manipulate my uncles and aunts to disrespect me again like the last time. Perhaps, my anxiety order over troubles still continues to this day. It’s like her presence has been making me feel uncomfortable ever since the Lunar New Year of this year and such ignorance about what I do and what I suffer from is not allowed.

Refusing to listen or do something, or perhaps not listening? BULLSHIT, THAT IS AN ON-GOING IGNORANCE ABOUT THE FACT THAT I’VE BEEN IGNORING THE OFFENDERS! And manipulating anyone to disrespect us is WRONG! It’s like you are not solving the attitude problem correctly! Can’t you even tell the difference between a slacker and a hater? You can identify the attitude weaknesses of a slacker but not a hater because you must know the offending problems that haunt them.

You know the worse part before the day of the trip, was the question issued to me by my uncle about if I had applied for jobs through CDAC? No, because that same idiotic troublemaker had started the launching chamber of the insult there somewhere at Tampines last year where I would be embarrassed at the workshop day elsewhere. That indicated when I felt insulted in my personality because of those embarrassing activities there. They never apply to me and that is that and that insult was launched at me from the place I was forced to register for a workshop at. But after advises from the WSG career coaches at Our Tampines Hub, it seemed that I could spare CDAC in one go so the troublemaker from my home whom I ranted about was to blame for such troublesome embarrassment in the first place.

Sure, that troublemaking garbage could deny all the offenses committed to me and take it that I was whining or some kind but ever since the renovation days, I already keep fearing of what is she up to. I also feared that complaining to the town council over this sort of bad behavior would worsen things for me as that would be considered a rash act.

Todotodo Skills Marketplace event

The event seems to be a roadshow-styled event with multiple presentations taking place at the same time and various programs were scheduled according to the flyer. There was the Networking with Employers part along with Career Coaching part as well as the presentation venues.

One of the presentations was about Video Resume and I already had tons of knowledge about YouTuber stuffs as I watched so tons of videos from various YouTubers ranging from the ones from the western region and Japan. Also, I already knew the concept about getting paid from YouTube videos via advertising revenue. Sure, the ads are sort of annoying unless you have the adblocker extension for the browser but it poses a problem in getting you paid from your YouTube videos. The presenter who happened to be the Singaporean YouTuber had explained things that left me speechless due to tons of pre-knowledges. Needless to say, he was an actor, dancer and singer but none of those careers earned him so much of cash each as told by him. Perhaps, even being a musician/DJ doesn’t seem to help out either as a day-job is required besides that. Not to mention that getting a gig is a costly idea. Not only you have to pay the license fee but also pay the club entrance fee, that is for DJ. And the worse thing is that the DJ pools are for DJs only so I don’t know if this may apply to new club DJs. Getting a DJ gig at the wedding will give you lesser money to make in the end.

So, what was the video resume that YouTuber was talking about? It’s basically a self-introduction video and especially for about whatever you do as part of the career based on your passion, talents and skills but that doesn’t seem to be enough as educational experience/qualification is a must. However, I found the term, Video Resume, to be unusual when compared to printed and digital resumes. Also, an Electronic Press Kit is the musician/DJ’s resume although I don’t know how it’s being displayed. Making a Video Resume via YouTube Self-Introduction Video is like making one in the same vein Japanese YouTubers come up with. Indeed, I had seen a template and the intro video is about doing whatever you like or something. Also, you have to display the number of subscribers in addition to your YouTube channel as part of the self-introduction. But that is how Japanese YouTubers introduce themselves. Western ones introduce themselves on YouTube in a different way but I suggest that you introduce yourself on YouTube in your own way, not the weird and unusual Video Resume thingy.

One article from Monster website about Video Resume mentions that most companies found it unusual and not recommended that traditional resumes are more recommended instead. It’s worse than putting a photo of yourself in a resume and you’re suggested on using social networking sites as online avenues. A blog about professional passion is another side-step you may want to come up with.

However, there are other articles about video resumes that may guide the heck out of you of making and submitting one but it’s not an easy process compared to a traditional resume.